Healing can be a Thankless Job


Working on those fun Lesser Faydark Quests

Over the years that I’ve played both EQ1 and EQ2, I’ve come to the realization that healers really get the short end of the stick a lot of the time. You’d think since I have 3 level 70 healers in EQ2 I’d have already come to this conclusion, and I suppose I have, but it really becomes more apparent the more you group. Now this is not to say it’s the norm for ALL groups – but these are the typical responses after a good run of whatever we’re up to.

“Wow that was some amazing tanking!”

“Look at that DPS parse!”

All the similar comments. Why is it that people are so reluctant to thank their fellow healers? The tank didn’t just stand up on their own the entire time did they? Well, maybe they did but if the healer is worth their grain of salt it wasn’t just all the dps and the tank that made the group. It’s a combination of players who know what they’re doing. Sure, a great tank makes things easier. Just like great dps makes things easier. But please folks, don’t forget to thank your healers out there! They need a little lovin’ too.

Goudia hit 69 yesterday. Meant I got to wear all of her new set gear. She’s got four pieces to the bard set. She’s 34% into her level, so hopefully over the next couple of days I’ll be getting her level 70. Then we’ll see where it goes. She’s got her two new weapons and her bow just waiting for her. I’m looking forward to it, even if it is my 5th level 70. I figured I should probably attempt to get them all at 100aa and level 70 crafters as well. What possessed me to do that? Not quite sure. Right now only Stargrace (illusionist) is at level 70/70/100. Arysh is missing 10aa, Misako is missing 5aa and she’s only a level 45 tailor. Goudia just hit 83aa, and she’s a 44 weaponsmith. Dasie needs another 15aa. I’ve got time before RoK to get them all where I want them to be at least.

After that? Who knows. I’ve been contemplating leveling up my coercer just for the heck of it (she’s sitting at level 42 right now, in level one gear with nothing but app1 spells.. yes, I just put her on auto follow..) but I’m not sure what I’d do exactly with six level 70 characters. So maybe I’ll just quest and work on their houses or something. I’ll have to see.

I’m looking forward to Kilanna coming back from her vacation, mornings are lonely without her around.

Did a very quick Obelisk run yesterday with Dasie (who does not have her shoes yet) which went really well. Bard shoes dropped for the dirge in group, go figure. No ring either, I’ve never even seen it on any of my runs and everyone else seems to always get it. I must be cursed. Expect an rp post in the near future, it’s been so long since I’ve really written anything and I don’t want to get rusty (code word for: Quick, run away! Stop reading now!). Safe travels!

12 Responses to Healing can be a Thankless Job

  1. celestina says:

    I’m a 70 Warden (high elf) and luv it! I get asked to join raids and groups very frequently. Am I appreciated? Damn straight I am and get lots of thanks and re-invites because of the way I handle myself within the raid/group. Perhaps it is my attitude or the way I relate to others, I don’t know. But I do know, if a healer is needed, I’m usually asked.

    Do I find bias against particular characters? The only time I hear something is when someone isn’t doing their job and refuse to take the suggestions offered to help them become better. And that has absolutely nothing to do with their profession.

    And just about all raids I attend, do print out their parses on their appropriate web sites that include every single participant, with dps as well as heals and best spells of each character. I don’t get into debates about which profession is better, nor be negative against other professions. I do try to educate others about what a warden can do to help a group or raid when I hear negative comments. Humour does help a lot.

    Perhaps it is the character who begins the prejudices, not others……. :-)

    cya ’round town or on a raid
    celestina, toltec healer
    license to murder

  2. Sistersun says:

    Ahhhhhhh so true :-)
    I remember being told I had “made” it as a Druid when they (the tanks) noticed I was a TEAM player and not a “Droooood” LOL

  3. Barx says:

    So very true!

    The very nature of it dictates that it’s only noticed when it’s absent, because when it’s there (and done well) you don’t notice it because the tank’s HP stays green (or at 100%) all the time.

    Tanking is a little bit similar in that if its done right, everything is as it should be, but it’s much more obvious if tanking is done well or not well compared to healing. On a tank, positioning and such are what dictate a good tank to me — keeping it from not ripping is expected (although not always possible if someone say uses fusion on the pull, haha). But with healing, it’s just that — so we need to use an alternate measure, and I think curing is it.

    If the MT is kept cured quickly and efficiently (and any majorly dangerous things are cured from everyone else) then thats a good healing job.


  4. Sistersun says:

    everyones comments. However I have to agree with Cordanim …. sometimes it’s the unsung heroes who win the fight …. ahhhhhh who gives a rats behind? We WON right? Isnt THAT what matters lol

  5. Sistersun says:

    A comment from a new tank …. having played a druid on EQ to tank and monk here I appreciate

  6. stargrace says:

    They’re never using (that I see) dps parses to see where a fight goes wrong, you can (typically) always tell. Either a bad pull, not enough heals, too much damage to the main tank, etc etc. When an encounter is tough, I hear “great tanking” 9 out of 10 times. As my post says, that’s not not say people NEVER compliment their healers, but that it’s simply not often enough, and I hold to it. ;)

  7. foozlesprite says:

    My healer is a fury. I get praised all the time for my healing but that’s b/c most people think furies suck at healing to begin with…SO NOT TRUE! We’re a combo class, yes, but any fury worth his salt can solo heal all group zones except perhaps Unrest/Nizara/Castle Mistmoore, and that’s simply b/c the mobs are heroic and several levels above everybody.

    To Gdub….pallies make awesome tanks, the best tank I know is a pally :)

  8. Grim says:

    I always seem to see healers get all the compliments when we survive tough encounters. I have seen healers get the most credit since the first days that I started playing an MMO. Most people just use DPS parsers to compare and see where they could improve i sincerely doubt they’re using it to determine where the fight went entirely wrong.

  9. Gdub says:

    My main is a tank, and I haven’t really gotten many compliments, and when I do it’s something along the lines of “wow, I didn’t know a paladin could tank that zone”. I have had some suprised comments about my DPS though.

    As a tank, I know I’m only going to do as good as the healer behind me. If I happen to pull more than I intended and the healer can keep me up, I give some kudos. If a particularly hard named or group of mobs is pulled, I also give praise. I try to encourage my group, rather than downgrading, even if someone is lacking, mainly so that the group will continue to try to do their best. It’s part of the leadership role I guess.

  10. Akely says:

    I find it soooo dumb when people geek out on parsing and looking who did the most DPS. Sometimes it is not the damage that wins the fight, it is not dying, or maintaining aggro… That’s why there are roles to begin with. As a healer I’ve even at times have told people obsessed with doing max DPS: “Continue taking aggro off the Tank like that and I’ll stop heal you. A Revive is cheaper!.” Being in a group means you have to play as a team. If the tank is not performing as a pro: adapt to it. Personally I seldom get any praise, but that’s because I suck. I’m having fun trying though.

    Myth is 100% correct. No nagging must be praise! I’ll remember that.

  11. Cordanim says:

    Hey, it’s just like the scout dps role, nobody really thanks you there either. As a Brigand, I’m pure dps and some debuffs…does anyone ever thank you out in the open? Nope. Did I play a role? Yep.

    I think if you’ve picked a healer class, then you know you’re not going to get the public acknowledgement, so you do your job and don’t complain that you’re not being “noticed”. If you want the recognition, then you play the tank, plain and simple.

    It’s been that way since the first MMORPG’s hit :)

    I agree with Myth, above, too…the thanks is that you don’t get yelled at for people dying LOL :)

  12. Mythokia says:

    The only time a healer or any support gets noticed is when they’re not doing their job right, so you should take pride in that you didn’t get noticed and singled out; it’s a silent thanks! :P

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