.. Wow it’s a Small World..

So, I happened to be browsing through eq2players as I typically do when the servers are down for patches, and I came across this article that was an interview by a Jon Wood from mmorpg.com interviewing Chad Haley, character art lead for Eq2. Now the amusing part –

I know Jon Wood, or used to at least. In fact, I used to date him. He’s from Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia (or at least was when I lived there, I’ve no idea where he’s at now, we lost touch quite some time ago). I haven’t talked to him in probably a good.. oh.. 10 years. Maybe a little less. I had heard of him doing this web site through a mutual friend of ours, a Patrick Gibbons, a few years back. I didn’t really think anything of it though.

What a small world. Or at least an odd coincidence that I stumbled onto the interview that he did. It just goes to show that you never know where some people you grew up with may end up. I must say I’m quite proud of him. That may seem odd of me to say, but it makes me feel good to see him doing well.

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