Legends of Norrath House Items – Collection Complete!


This one is called “The Muse” – I can see how it may inspire a few folks… That’s a nice.. feather.. she’s wearing..

Thanks to a few friends here on Antonia Bayle, I managed to complete my LoN (so far) house item collection. At least the pieces that I know of. I have three paintings, The Muse, The Bear, and The Rune, as well as two card boxes. One is no trade (which Kandrial graciously placed in Misako’s house) and one is tradeable (though it’s lore). I was afraid when LoN came out that I’d have to spend a lot of real life money obtaining these items, in fact it’s one huge annoyance about the game I find. Higher end raid guilds may start enforcing people to have certain items (like the int bottle) and that puts those who can’t (or don’t want to) spend the real life money trying to get them at a disadvantage. I don’t mind the cute little things like house items or cloaks or illusions or even mounts, but when it starts to get to items like power regen things, or something that could potentially change the out come of a fight, that’s where I start to think it may not be the most fair of situations.

I’ve been having fun trading cards around as well, today I received two free booster packs (So that’s four total, between my two accounts, and no, not a single redeemable item). Nagafen was one of the “rare” cards that I got, so I traded for some priest cards since I’m trying to build up two other decks. One for my priest account (the priest deck, duh) and one for my dps account, a scout deck. Mage cards I typically give to Kandrial, Lader, or Bloodpact, as they all have a mage deck. It’s a lot of fun, but I’m not sure if it will stick. Even if it doesn’t, I’m sure SoE has made a huge bundle of money from those buying booster packs and starters and all the rest.

In game I’ve been working on Qutey, my baby monk. I’ve sort of stepped back from the guild raid / guild thing for a while. I’d much rather just do my own thing. I managed to match her crafting level to her adventure level, and I plan on keeping it that way. I got her from 1-20 the first day, then yesterday from 21-26. She’s going to be my little carpenter. Even though I had access to a 70 carpenter I’d much rather just have my own. She’s still got experience turned off from combat, I may toggle it on from time to time but I doubt it. She’s 41% into her leve, and 5% away from yet another aa. I love having so many aa at her low level, it’s quite fun. Plus the whole feign death and invis thing is a bonus.

Torrent Knights hit level 21 yesterday, congratulations to Lader and Gothun for all those HQ those guys have been completing. It’s nice to see, and I hope we all keep up the good work. I’m excited about RoK coming out a few months away, excited about LoN going live, and the GU38 that’s going to be incoming in a few weeks (I hope). Lots of good changes on the way, more about that another time though – slightly disappointed that Bristleban’s avatar pet (for worshiping them) is the Meatbeast from DoF – I loved how that was a one of a kind mob.. sighs.

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