The Collection – LoN (House Items)


The Rune

Everyone has their thing. Some people like loot, some people enjoy taking down the hardest content in the game, others are questers, completing thousands of quests over the period that they play.

Me, I’m a house item fanatic. Any one who’s read this blog, or knows me in game, knows just how much I adore house items. When I defeated Roost for the first time in the Fallen Destiny Adventure Pack, I didn’t care that we’d defeated the encounter and had access to Chel’Drak. The only thing I had eyes for was the house item you get as a reward for the quest. I loved freeing the Frogloks when they first came out because you get a very sparkly plaque to place on your walls. I’m all about the house items.

The Bear

So of course it’s of no surprise that when LoN hit the game in it’s beta version, I’d want the house items, reluctant to spend a whole lot of money on the booster packs though. I know how addictive it can be. So I managed to trade with some friends, and some were given as gifts. I’m happy that (for now) I’ve got the complete collection of LoN house items – 3 paintings and a card case.

The Muse

A huge thank you to those who helped me out. You all know what it means to me of course. Over time I’m sure I’ll continue to try to scoop up these beautiful house items, and a thank you to SoE of course for adding them to the game. It’s what keeps me playing and interested, these little knick nacks that you can place. Go ahead and tease me for it now!

The Card Case

I dislike how some of the items (ok, so all of the items) are so gigantic, it may cause issues for those who own smaller type homes. Even the card case is a giant sized one, that takes up a good portion of my counter top. I’m planning on creating a table that it can sit on in front of a fire place or something I think in the near future. So many fun items in game, and only so much time to work on obtaining them all!

If you want to check out the LoN items in person, feel free to visit Misako’s 5-room house in North Freeport, 7 Compassion Road. The door is always open and I’ve worked quite hard on the house (it is a work in progress of course, not nearly done). Feel free to send me a tell in game as well, I’m typically around and eager to talk.




2 Responses to The Collection – LoN (House Items)

  1. stargrace says:

    Gah and it turns out I am MISSING one.. *cries* There’s one called Three Warriors.. I’ll have to hunt it down.

  2. ogrebears says:

    OOO i really want the first and the second one. I hope that drop cards are not extreamly rare, specially when LoN getting an expansion evey 6 month, you have any idea how offten they will drop?

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