…I swear I Didn’t Steal Batmans Utility Belt…


Misako hanging out in Willow Wood.. that belt.. it looks.. familiar..

So when I did Unrest with Misako, I was lucky enough to have her breastplate drop, which was great. I actually declined on everything in the zone, so when the breastplate dropped I figured it was karma heh. Maybe silly of me to think that way but hey it seemed to work. Things in game have been quiet. Had to say goodbye to a good friend of mine. Long story that I don’t want to get into, but it was rough. Is rough.

I highly suggest people read this post here. It practically made me burst into tears after I’d read it. That’s exactly how I see the game, and look at it. Not about what SoE is doing, or who is raiding what, or what zones are next, but about the community. The band of people and friends that I play with. I’m close to them, some more then others. If they were to suddenly leave, I’d worry, and be upset. I’d hope that they were ok. It really brings some things into perspective, and I love the way the article is worded.

Back to game stuff, I’m thinking Faydai will be the next character I get to 70 or start working on gradually. I’m going to quest her way up (with exp turned ON though..) and hopefully I can manage to get her high enough to make use of the master1 charm undead she has. I’ve found a fantastic area to take advantage of the spell, but she needs a few more levels or else the mobs will be breaking every 2 minutes or so. Qutey quested her way to level 27, 27aa, and later today she’ll be a 27 carpenter. I’ve got a few huge rp notes in the works that I’ll hopefully get posted before too long. Some stories I’ve been procrastinating on and want to get them out there.

Also, in a few days time I’ll have my first interview posted on here. Decided to talk to a member of the EQ2 community, so we’ll see how that goes!

One year ago today this was my post. It seems like a really long time ago, and if measured in EQ2 terms, I suppose it is. After all who is even playing after a year on the same Mmo, the numbers seem to decline all the time. This is actually the fourth time I’ve started up a blog, and I only managed to save the last year + current posts. Originally the blog was a method for me to vent about my adventures and exploits in the game. Over time it’s rounded to cover various Mmo’s that I’ve played, and typically comes back to the same things.

2 Responses to …I swear I Didn’t Steal Batmans Utility Belt…

  1. Mythokia says:

    I couldn’t get pass that last match in the LoN tutorial ;_;

  2. Jerrek says:

    Ha! I love the Batman gadget belt! All you need now is a grappling hook. ;)

    Thanks for letting me know about LoN going live, I’ll have to challenge you if you play it at all. After I learn how to of course!


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