Time for some Change


Misako’s entrance, she’s moved to the nut house… Acorn house that is, in Kelethin

I decided it was time for some changes. I’ve learned a few things over the past couple of days. Number one. If you enjoy a class, it does not matter if there is a million of that class around, play it. You’ll have way more fun in game. Don’t give it up just because you think you can fill some other void in the gaming world. Before you know it there will be a million of that other class around too, and then what will you do? Make another character and try to fill that void. It won’t work though. See, that’s what I did with my Dasie. She was a templar. There were LOTS (and still are) of templars around. So I made a fury. Then those were not needed. So I made an illusionist. Then a troubador. Now I have all of these level 70’s and I’m exactly where I was when I started. I betrayed Dasie to an inquisitor for my previous guild, because she would be “needed”. I don’t especially care for the class. Their best class defining skill stifles them so that they can’t heal. I play healers to – you guessed it – heal.

I miss stone skin, and the extra heals that a templar comes with. I miss her hammer pet. I don’t mind giving up some dps for the templar class. I realize that I’ll loose the one piece of relic she still has (pants, sighs. Those are going to be hard to replace!) and all the masters I’ve worked at getting, but with RoK coming in two months, if there was ever a time to betray, now would be it. Spells are all going to get upgrades any how. Don’t play a class simply because it’s in style, needed, or any other reason other then the fact that YOU want to play the class.

So what is the change? Well, I’m going to betray Dasie back to a templar. Friends have donated moonstones to the cause, and I’ve got a 70 sage. I have the templar / inquis set gear. I’ll have to replace her pants. I will be one of a million templars out there, but oh well. I’ll be happier with the character, and that’s what matters.

So what other changes? Well, Misako moved to Kelethin. That’s right, she gave up her (expensive) 5-room house in Freeport, which reminded her too much of the past, and she packed things up and moved to a nut house (or acorn house, for you non-Kelethin folks). The 6-room acorn homes are 2p to purchase, require no guild level, and are 6g a week upkeep. Nice and cheap. The LoN paintings look fantastic against the walls (as pictured above) and as long as I can remind myself that I am NOT a fae, and do NOT have safe fall, I should get along just fine there. I don’t lag in the zone, and I’m closer to everything I need. Misako will have to do some courts faction quests I think though, she could really use call of ro. She could also use her carpet that ports to Shimmering Citadel.

Yes, change is good.

8 Responses to Time for some Change

  1. Lishian says:

    I want those paintings wicked bad too.

  2. Kilanna says:

    Killy welcomes her fellow Templar back :)

    You know I feel quite lucky that I have had a very wise young lady telling me this very thing for the last few months *giggles*

    Completely agree with Gaff – always impressed with how some people have a gift for aesthetics and style.

  3. Mallika says:

    The paintings look beautiful surrounded by all the lovely wooden walls and floors. :)

  4. Gaff says:

    Looks good! I am always impressed by your decorating talents.

  5. Lishian says:

    I won’t tell you how many times I have fallen of the kelethin platforms….

  6. Mythokia says:

    Yep, I second that ‘if you enjoy the class, play it and you’ll have more fun in the game’. Which is why I’m playing a Wizard all over again despite previously having one all the way to 70 on another server. Or I’m just plain crazy.

    I don’t think I can stand living in Kelethin, SQ is the best place for me. I’ve a tendency to just put myself on auto run and alt-tab out, which will, and has got me killed countless time before. Falling off the mage tower in SQ was quite the experience.

  7. Woof says:

    Those are definitely words to live by. Or, play by, as the case may be. Oh, and don’t lick the walls of your new house… some of those trees aren’t exactly fresh. =)

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