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Congratulations Torrent Knights, who hit level 22 last night.. we’re aiming for 35 by the time RoK comes out..

So my guild has a goal. Well, ok lets be honest here, I have a goal. I’d love to see my little guild Torrent Knights hit 35 before RoK comes out. Should be simple, right? Well, not exactly. The guild is made up of five people. Well, maybe a few more but five constant people. Alts-of-Lader, Cordanim, Gothun, Shadowgeist, and myself. Cordanim’s brother in law is also guilded, as is an alt of Kilanna. I think that’s about it though. In the past, people who were in smaller guilds had a benefit. They received a significant increase to the status they obtained for turn ins. As in, their portion was greater, because it wasn’t split between the over all size of their guild. This was (in some ways) bad though. It meant that guilds restricted the number of people in them until they obtained max level. So the method was changed. Now it’s 10% of your personal status goes towards guild status for each turn in. Seems fair. Except when you only have five or so active people, that’s a LOT of status they’ve got to make up.

So TK has a lofty goal of hitting 35 before RoK comes out. I’d be happy to see 30. Even 25 I suppose. We managed to snag 22 last night, which was great. As you can see by the guild events people are busy finishing up all of those old HQ that they skipped along the way. I actually, in a spurt of geek-ness, drew up a chart with a list of all the HQ in game and a list of my characters and went through them all and marked off which I’d completed on who. Since I have 10 alts it’s a handy thing to have even if it does make me feel like I’ve crossed into a realm of EQ2-nerdness.

Shadowgeist is going to help me out with the DFC HQ’s I’ve got stock piled (even if he doesn’t know it yet) and hopefully by the time I’m done working through the lists of who needs what, TK will be nearing 25. At least that’s my goal. Then if I can grind out some writs, both tradeskill and regular ones, maybe I can boost our way to 30. We don’t have much time though, and I suppose I should have started the grind before now. Oh well, it’ll be fun at least.

GU38 should be hitting live servers shortly. I’m excited about it. Not really sure why, but there are a lot of interesting changes happening. The weapon changes, and “fluff” armor changes, and some changes to Bloodlines, which was an adventure pack.

This weekend I hit Labs with Dasie in hopes for relic plate pants (which of course did not drop), and then I also did LoA with Daise (and switched to Misako half way through). Both raids went smooth and there was only one issue with Gnorb-eye ball guy in LoA. We wiped three times on him and then finally took him down on the fourth pull. Annoying. Those tatter tot things he spawns are a pain when they spawn on the pull along with the first set of adds that you are allowed to AoE down. Didn’t get anything pretty out of either raid, but it was still a lot of fun.

2 Responses to All about the Goals

  1. ogrebears says:

    Since my guild is level 60 right now all my alts are getting there heritage quest to the last level so that i can burn through the the first few week and help my guild get closer to the new 80 cap.

  2. Cordanim says:

    Ok! Let’s get all the HQ’s we can, done…on mains, alts, whatever :)

    We should be knocking these off wherever possible – if you see me on alt # 234,871 then poke me to get on the proper one to do an HQ.

    I’d love to see more bank slots myself LOL ;-)

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