Alt-itus Strikes Again


Because we all know how I need yet another alt

When I’m feeling slightly down in real life, or when I’m restless in game, anyone who knows me knows my first reaction. Make an alt. If I’m not making an alt to escape things, then I’m playing a lowbie character to get away from the grinding and end game content that just ends up frustrating me. We all go through these moods, so it’s nothing new of course when I decided late last night that I’d create a new character. Just a little lowbie to play from time to time. The urge of course has mostly left me now, but she’s sitting at level 22 and is a whole lot of fun as I contemplate some sort of rp background for the new little Arasai. The fairy races really get the best abilities. I am completely in love with their ability to “float” and in fact forget that the rest of my characters are lacking such skill (though I know a lot of the LoN cloaks reward you with the glide ability, I have not yet managed to snag myself one).

In real life, it’s pouring down rain and I love it. Football season has started (which I don’t love quite as much) and fall is just around the corner. The next two months are the absolute best for me, weather wise at least. Where it’s not quite cold enough for me to wear a winter jacket, but it’s not roasting any more either. In fact the high for today is 15 (59F for those of you in the states) and it’s perfect.

Yesterday was one of those nice in game days where lots of things get done. A huge congratulations to Gothun, who managed to complete not 5.. not 6.. but 7 heritage quests over the past two days. In fact the count probably rose by now. I think it’s standing at like 10. I forgot to add in the extra ones he did last night. Torrent Knights is almost level 23, that’s almost a full guild level in two days. Not bad at all. He’s been doing writs as well (at least for crafting) which is always nice to see. I did the Lost Legends of Lavastorm, a HQ that I’d never completed before (and now realize why.. gawd it’s a long one!) on both Arysh and Stargrace. It was nice to see the guild move up and of course adding to my personal status collection is never a bad thing.

Kilanna and I have been chattering frequently again which I adore. I missed her when she was away on vacation. Alberta hasn’t had much time to play, but I love chattering with her too.

The Festival of Discord starts on the AB server on the 22nd of September, another week long rp event that I am incredibly excited about. If you’ve never been much of an rp’er but wanted to give it a shot, or wanted to take some time to meet some people, this is the event for you. I’ll be attending as many of the events as I can, and if anyone is looking for some company, please don’t hesitate to get a hold of me. Even if you’re from another server and just want to check out what it’s all about. I’ll be doing an in depth write up about the festivities later this week, with more information on the 10 guilds involved in setting it up, as well as useful links for those who wish to get involved.

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  1. Lishian says:

    Fae/Arasai are so fun to play. On the pvp server, most of us chose the extra runspeed before glide because running is a popular defensive tactic. You shoulda coulda made a toon on nagafen! :)

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