GU38, SoD (again) and other Ramblings


Stargrace, talking to the bard in preparation of collecting (another) 50 statues

So GU38 went live yesterday, for complete notes you can look here. For my own personal look on them, well.

I like the idea of “fluff” armor slots. I like to be able to wear my own thing, and look how I want to look. I don’t like how plate classes gain the most benefit from this new change because they can wear plate, chain, and cloth. Where cloth wearers are stuck wearing only cloth (though, there is some cloth that looks like plate, from the bloodline vendors I do believe). Of course it has a few down sides. For example people are out walking around in their Halloween masks. No problem with that from my perspective though. Almost everyone who wears robes is wearing the Barristers robe, since it’s black, and one of the few that is (and very easy to obtain because it’s quested). I’m looking for a specific hat that drops in Kaladim, and is wearable by all fighters, priests, and scouts, and it’s got the monk rice bowl graphic. Of course it’s a semi-rare drop and I’ll probably be camping it for weeks if I get serious about wanting it, but we’ll see how it goes.

In GU38 what they forgot to mention, was that the level 35 Bloodline spells got upgrades. But not for everyone. Heh. Crusaders, Bards, Mages, and Priests (minus mystics, who get no love) all now have a level 53 upgrade to their spells. I had fun making numerous sage and alchemist combines last night satisfying my own guild and characters as well as a few people from channels who were searching for the spells.

Bristlebane has also returned. Hordes of people ran towards Enchanted Lands to begin the new quests. The cloak, is too over powered in my opinion. For example, you can get a card reward that gives you 10 minutes of 100% experience bonus. Now, I know, 10 minutes isn’t long, right? Well, it still impacts your game. The cards can be held onto until RoK goes live. They are lore, so you can’t horde a whole lot of them, but it still seems slightly unfair.

Another change that wasn’t announced – if someone has already cast a rez, you will get a message as you try to cast yours. Which is great.  I hate unannounced changes, but it’s fun to figure them out.

The weapon changes did not really affect me, as I don’t play a scout who is big on melee damage. I know some people are now in love with their wurmslayers, and a few other weapons of choice. What I did like about the change was that the previous 1h weapon from Acada, a dagger, with +10 spell dmg on it, is now on Goudia, with +95 power and +26 int, it’s a great weapon that I can duel wield (since I don’t care about the low damage).

So, aside from the update. I decided to work on SoD on two more characters. Why? Because uh, not sure why. I decided I needed some goals in game. I wanted to get SoD and Claymore done on at least one more character. I chose Stargrace and Misako to start with, but after boxing the whole Tunarian section of the quest I decided maybe I should go with Stargrace and Dasie. See, Dasie already has her SoD. That saves me from having to box or find two groups going through the named in Castle Mistmoore. A zone that I hate beyond all other zones. Dasie has also done her SoD already. She has her ring of the four winds, and of course I love playing a templar. Misako has none of those completed. She doesn’t even have to speak as a dragon finished yet, and I dread doing that.. for the sixth time.

So aside from those lofty goals, I’m working on my coercer a bit. I love the class, since Stargrace was one for the better part of her EQ2 played time. Mine is (now) sitting at level 43. Wearing level 1 gear. I’ll have to fix that up, in fact as soon as I post this I’ll get started with Misako making her gear, and Dasie making some jewelry. Finally managed to upgrade her spells as well.

Hopefully, everyone else’ gaming days are going well! If anyone has some suggestions on perhaps things I can do, to keep things fresh, as I’ve been flip flopping from character to character and really accomplishing nothing at all. I’d love for that to change.

2 Responses to GU38, SoD (again) and other Ramblings

  1. Mallika says:

    I love the new icons for the different tiers of resources. :) Even though I’ve only started playing for a few weeks, I think it’s a tiny but really nice change. Now after getting used to the new icons I don’t have to mouse over every single cluster stack to see if I have iron or steel or what-have-you. :D

  2. Lader says:

    are you sure about the cloaks not proccing thing? some are saying that it still works.

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