See.. This is what We Need More Of!

I was just mentioning in my post yesterday, that I thought we needed more interaction between Guides > Players.  Especially on role play preferred servers – but not limited to them. Low and behold after I do my daily reading of blogs, Cuppycake says the same thing, in a post about Roleplaying Barriers.

3.  I don’t see any game-related benefit to roleplaying.

There are indeed no tangible rewards for roleplaying within games anymore.  The GMs hardly even interact with roleplayers in games anymore.  This reminds me of the EQ1 Legends server, in which daily there would be GM events ran for the players.   Sometimes people would actually roleplay, and the GMs would roleplay back.  That was FUN.  Perhaps we need more GM or player run events with tangible rewards.

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