What’s Scarier then a 40ft Halfling..


Darcyle finding out first hand what the Avatar of Mischief has been up to

Since Bristlebane is live on servers, it’s only natural to assume that his avatar would be as well. Wandering through various nightbloods I stepped onto what appeared to be a huge mass of fur. Little did I know it was just ONE TOE of this massive halfling. He stands pretty dang tall, and on my server at least he’s yet to fall. Looks like the top end raid guilds are going to have their hands full.

I managed to do an unrest group early this morning with Goudia, she was still hunting her class hat and breastplate. I say was because she managed to (finally) get the hat to drop. Now she’s got her set bonus (wearing her feather hat for graphics) and just needs the chest piece for a full complete set. The only one of my characters to have their full set in fact. Pants and gloves are such a pain to obtain unless you have a very steady group of adventurers. Isn’t that everyone’s dream anyhow in an MMO? To have a constant steady group of (fun) people to wander the lands of Norrath? I know it’s not very typical that everyone is on at the same time, but I think that’s what we all look for.

Since the GU, my tome quest starters now drop from grey mobs. I am of course ecstatic over this and I’ll be working to get all of the ones I’m missing. I know there are nine in Obelisk, at least one in Blackburrow, two in Rivervale, and a few in Cazic-Thul as well. It’s going to be great working on these book quests and filling my home.

On a side note, I got some very pretty flowers yesterday from Bloodpact that smell like strawberries. Hopefully the cat doesn’t decide to eat them or knock over the container that I’ve got them propped up in. My mom’s birthday is this weekend, so I’ll be (hopefully, if she’s home) heading to my folks place this weekend to see how she’s doing.

I also did a very nice Obelisk of Blight group this morning, I didn’t need anything from the zone (except maybe that ring that refuses to ever drop for me, I’ve never seen it drop not even once) but it was still fun to run through, I did that with Stargrace. The illusionist doesn’t get out much but is still a lot of fun for me to play.

OH as another change that I didn’t even notice yesterday — they removed the rooted component to my troubadors precision of the maestro spell! I wouldn’t have even noticed were it not for the fact that I attempted to move as I cast it. The spell now dazes me, which means I can’t auto attack. I don’t anyhow with it, since it’s a proc that sets off on hostile spells. I adore the change, it was fantastic to learn. I’d typically toggle the spell off so I could run after my group that was charging ahead, and now I can simply keep up.

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