Busy Weekend? Not Overly


I love the Bristlebane pet, Meatbeast from Shimmering Citadel

Well, there was no time for posts this weekend, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t active in game. It was my Mom’s birthday so I headed to my folks place on Sunday, and of course did all of the typical household things on Saturday. I switched Goudia from Rallos to Bristlebane and the cloak is quite impressive. In fact it sort of puts the other deity cloaks to shame, as far as reward goes. I think I completed a heritage quest, Stein of Moggok, but it was lost in the amazing spam of status from both Calreth and Gothun, who have been working their way through our guild levels. Torrent Knights is almost 24, at 25 we get to add a new design to our guild cloak, as well as unlocking a few more things from the status merchant, always a good thing.

After some heavy contemplation, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just not a raider. I felt almost obligated to raid because I’m level 70 and know my characters fairly well — but that’s not how I enjoy the game. I have far more fun piddling around on a level 20 character doing a quest I’ve never done before or exploring an area that I glimpsed over long ago, then any end game raid or instance. Maybe it’s because I find the game slightly stale, it’s been over 18 months since we’ve had a level increase. But the game doesn’t bore me – so I’ve decided it must just be my play style. I’m much more comfortable crafting and chattering then traipsing around for hours on end in Emerald Halls. Even if I am “good” enough or know my class well enough, it’s just simply not fun to me.

I’ve been having fun leveling the coercer lately. She’s almost 47 and that’s when she can finally use her m1 of dominate. I’m excited about it. It’s been a while since I’ve played a coercer, though the pain from leveling up the last one still throbs from time to time. The master charms really do make a large difference. I’ve also geared her up finally, and moved her from Neriak to Freeport, to escape the lag monster.

The wizard that I made is sitting at 22 (un-geared) and I’m sure I’ll make some items for her before too long and begin questing. My favorite by far is still the monk (though I was contemplating a bruiser) who hit 28 carpenter. I haven’t heard from Kilanna much this week, but I’m sure she’s doing wonderful. Cordanim poked in last night so he’s back from his business trip and in game (where he should be!).

I finally found my photoshop CS2 CD (ok, ok, I “found” it over at my folks place, dad graciously gave it to me) and I’m going to be delving into manipulations hopefully over time. I’d like to be able to work on my screen shots and produce some art work from them. The uh, cow image above is the first thing I’ve done with photoshop in about two years. If anyone has links to some tutorials please feel free to email them to me! I have found a few on the Eq2 forums, but I’d love more. Everything I’m trying to do is just self taught. It was nice to re-install the drivers to my wacom tablet (Mine? I actually mean Shadowgeist’) this morning now if only the cat would stop trying to chew on it…….

6 Responses to Busy Weekend? Not Overly

  1. Selaici says:

    I actually went back through your past posts and it appears that you know what you get up to a lot better than I do :-D Go figure…

  2. stargrace says:

    LoL. They may have mentioned raiding I suppose, I go by what they’re tagged as on the left hand side *grins* You didn’t offend at all silly, I think I see my site through clouded eyes anyhow. =p

  3. Selaici says:

    Maybe I’m doing selective reading? It wouldn’t surprise me.
    Without actually going over your past couple of months worth of posts I seem to think that just about every one has mentioned raiding.
    Or maybe that’s just how I’ve chosen to think of you. As some sort of Raiding Guru Mistress ;-)

    To be fair yes you’ve definitely had a lot to say about house items ;-)
    I didn’t mean to offend. Just it made me pull a puzzled face when you said you had decided you weren’t a raider :-)

    I’m digging myself a hole aren’t I? Where’s that Aussie dwarf to distract you while I make a break for the exit?

  4. stargrace says:

    Hrms you reading the same blog I am? LoL. I’d say the majority of my posts are about either: small raids (KoS, which has been out for a long time now) or quests, or crafting or house items, very few are actually dedicated to raids in any real sense of the word =p

  5. Selaici says:

    You’re not a raider?
    Wow, just about every post of yours is talking about raiding. Heh, quite a revelation?

    My problem with raiding is that I struggle to find the time to do it. The timezone differences don’t help, but even when I found a group of people doing late night raids it turned out to clash with my hefty training schedule so even that didn’t work. I can normally manage it in the weekends but then I have friends and the girlfriend to work around. Still, I’m hoping to make one maybe two a month… Hardly an uber raider eh?


  6. Tipa says:

    I am getting burned out with raiding, too. Especially since so much of it seems unproductive. I have, though, been logging in and getting groups, and waddya know, they are as fun as ever! There’s so many fun things to do, I sometimes resent raids for taking me away from the fun things.

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