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Playing around with Photoshop and screen shots (there are three screenies incorporated here)… too much fun

So I decided to kick back and relax yesterday, spending most of my time on Qutey, the monk. She’s completed 310 quests or so now I believe, hit level 28, and 28aa. 28 carpenter as well, which is always nice. I’ve come to the conclusion (though I am not the only one) that Thundering Steppes quests suck. Yes that’s right I said the S word. The rewards are barely worth it, the mobs are scattered all over and are far too rare especially if you don’t have track. Of course as is the way with quests, I had to kill 16 hawks. Barely saw any, struggled for a few hours hunting them down, once I’d completed the quest there were hawks everywhere. Bah.

The new level meant a new feign death though, and that was a welcome upgrade. Since I was only wandering around killing solo encounter mobs I turned combat experience back on for the majority of my travels, not that it netted me much. I’d like to get to 32 though, means a new set of gear and some new pretty weapons. I have a good chunk of quests to complete in TS before I wander anywhere else, at least the majority of the rewards are tradeable, and my transmuter’s been having a lot of fun ripping things apart.

Other then that, things are quiet. Last night in guild we had myself, Cordanim, Calreth, Gothun, Shadowgeist, and Lader all on at once, it was odd. I haven’t heard from Kilanna in a few days, hope everything is going well down at her end of the world. TK is almost level 24, the writs keep coming (maybe that’s what I’ll do today instead of slogging around on the baby monk, who knows). I’m excited about RoK, and hoping to get into the beta, we’ll see how it goes!

3 Responses to Just fun in General

  1. Ogrebears says:

    ya i’d agree with TS quest sucking, Nek forest has a few more quest, and some of them tend to be funner than TS.

    But Nek forest was redone with KoS came out (or was it EoF)… So it not as old as TS

  2. Gothun says:

    Looks like you’re gonna get better with each piece you put together. =)

  3. cyrus says:

    Wow the final product looks great!

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