Hrms, What to do Now


Faydai, my 56 necro, is well behind where she should be in regards to achievement experience

So I’ve been contemplating what I should do in game now, I’m basically just waiting for RoK to be released. Working on smaller alts and crafting here and there. Storing coin aside in the guild bank to help afford the cloak as well as new spells that’ll be coming out. Still not even sure which two characters I’ll be taking to 80 first, I’m sure I’ll decide the day of the expansion or some such. In the mean time, I decided to dust off my 56 necromancer, Faydai. She’s way behind in achievement experience (or aa as it’s typically called by old EQ1’ers) and it’s going to take me forever to get her caught up. Or I could stick with her, or something. Not sure.

I love playing the necromancer. The dps they have is very nice and a huge change from my typical healers. Except she’s slightly… less well off. Then my other characters, simply because her spells just cost so dang much. I used to say that everyone and their dog had a druid (which still holds true) but now I think everyone is running a necromancer of some sort or another. Not that I mind exactly, it’s not as if I am really playing mine, but they’re everywhere.

I ran Mines of Meldrath today, managed to get three legendary useless drops. Transmuted them all, and got powders (also quite useless). 22% experience for the zone, which is not so bad. Groups in the 50’s seem to be far and few between, so I’m contemplating questing my way through them, or being constantly LFG (me? LFG? Eh, no thanks…) to at least try to break into the T7 bracket before RoK comes out. Since Faydai is already a 70 sage, that comes in handy, I can at least see the higher level channels.

Slightly peeved, last night was going to go on an Unrest run, but the servers said they were going down randomly for two hours. Group decided to go to a smaller instance, and the server message said they were not going down after all… of course. Once my group had already decided to go do something else. Ah well, it was getting close to midnight anyhow, so Shadowgeist and I just decided to call it a night.

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  1. Ogrebears says:

    I need to group more often, my level 41 dirge has only grouped once… A Runnyeye name hunt. My aa’s have already past my level since I’ve pretty much only done quest, no grouping, no…. ummm i can’t believe i forgot the word… Um where you hunt mobs for a long time for xp… OOO haha grinding.. Just questing

    Man i need to get more sleep after my midterm are done my brain is totally fried.

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