Ack, 24 hours EQ2-less?!


Goudia in Everfrost, fighting off the Numbnuts Numbfoot

First of all, eeks, it was announced earlier today that EQ2 (and forums and what not) will be down for a full day, 24 hours. Starting on Tuesday September 24th. No time given as of yet. Not just EQ2 but all SoE games. That sucks. I am sure that people will be upset over it. That’s a long period of time to be game-less if you play at all. So I’m sure lots of blogs will be updated and people will be dusting off those ‘other’ video games that they play. It’s of course an understandable reason for being down, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck.

Ok, second of all, Cordanim, tagged me for this new style of meme on which races should be aligned to which classes. (Or in Cord’s words, who should play what). Well. My opinion on the matter is pretty simple. I hate being restricted. I think that anyone should be able to play anything. Of course base stats would differ due to the racial abilities (exactly as they are now, with ogres having more strength then elves for example) but I think that having specific races only being able to play specific classes sucks. I’ve played both methods, in EQ2 there are no restricts besides good and evil, and even then the line can be blurred as you betray. However, in WoW (gasp, I said the dreaded word) races are very strict towards which class they can be. I hated the restricts. What if I wanted to be a orc paladin (or any other combination). People are not restricted in real life (these days at least.. they shouldn’t be..) as to what they choose for their profession, especially not based off of race. May seem like an odd analogy but that’s the best I can come up with. So I can’t really do a full write up like he’s done with his post, aside to say that why have restrictions at all. Everyone wants to be unique, and no one wants to all have to be restricted to the same race if they’re playing a particular class.

In game.. I’m doing heritage quests on Goudia. At least at this exact moment I am camping the three named needed by the Eye for Power HQ. It’s boring. But the guild is almost level 24, and then it’s just one more to be able to purchase some new guild status items from the merchant. We’ve been working really hard on it lately, and it’s great to see. Aside from working on the old HQ’s that I haven’t bothered with (once you do them the first time you sort of loose the excitement) I’m also doing tome quests. Lots and lots of tome quests. I adore them (as always) and eventually maybe I’ll finish a few collections off on numerous characters. Or if I ever settle down to a character and not 10. We’ll see how it goes!

8 Responses to Ack, 24 hours EQ2-less?!

  1. Gdub says:

    But it did make you start talking, and that was my aim in starting the topic in the first place.

  2. Lishian says:

    Retricting classes by race is… prejudice.

  3. stargrace says:

    Pfts. Meepers is one of the best Ratonga tanks I know on the LDL server, and I’d hate to think anyone would be restricted to anything by their race. Less suited then other classes? Sure. But UNABLE to be a class specifically? Hell no.

  4. Mythokia says:

    There should a least be some restrictions on the ridiculous combinations. A Barbarian Wizard just doesn’t sound right in my book, nor a ratonga tank.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ahh! I took next week off and had planned on spending the good portion of that time level my 65 swashy to 70… bahh!!!

  6. Lysari says:

    Hrm. I and Drakael need those three named also. Oh.. nm .. we’re going away this weekend.

  7. stargrace says:

    No time’s given yet as to when it starts (as their post says) but it’s this coming Tuesday

  8. Anonymous says:

    When does this start?

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