Enter.. the Paladin?


Goudia, camping in Everfrost. Her poor little nose is getting cold..

I made another alt. I know, bad me. Eventually though I’ll run out of classes that interest me and the alt madness will have to end, right? Faralithe is the newest addition to the alt-army, a little fae, high elf, iksar paladin. I wanted something a little different. I have an arasai (or two) I have dark elves, I have a regular fae, I have a ratonga. I love the look of the female iksars and the way their fins (are they even called fins?) along the side of their heads flare out as you fight. Of course, iksar are evil (typically) so I’m a shadowknight for now. She’s also only level three. But she’ll betray around level 18 I think if I can handle it then (to Kelethin of course, where the quests are far easier to complete for betrayal). That way I can do the evil aligned starter city quests and the good ones as well. An iksar paladin eh. Not sure what her role play story will be yet, but I do plan on creating one. I typically do with my characters even if I don’t post about them.

I suppose I’ve been feeling restless in game again. I completed three heritage quests yesterday on Goudia which was a fair amount of guild status. Even though the quests themselves were very boring at level 70 completing them for the fourth or some times fifth time. I’m looking forward to RoK in a way that I’ve never looked forward to an expansion before. I know there are mixed views on a level cap increase, but honestly, it’s about time. I need to feel some sort of linear progression again.

Aside from the paladin creation, I worked on my armorer (who is new), Sensual reached level 20. Which is nice. She in fact made all of the gear for the paladin. Now I need to harvest metals (again) which is never fun, as any weaponsmith or armorer can agree. So why am I doing it? Who knows, maybe I’m just crazy. Naw, actually. I just find it so much more useful if I have one of every sort of crafter. I like being self reliant in as many aspects as I can in game. That way I’m not waiting on someone else to craft something for me. Since I have so much time to play, I figure that there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to do these things myself. A skewed way of thinking perhaps, but hey, whatever works.

4 Responses to Enter.. the Paladin?

  1. Blackice says:


    I think you will like your Pally I have a level 46 Ogre Pally and I enjoy the role play as an Ogre in greystone : ))

  2. Mallika says:

    Ohh, I’m still kind of in a harvesting/crafting high at the moment. I haven’t done quests in a few days on my main, just had her going around harvesting t4 stuff while level 28. It’ll pass, I know, because all that harvesting and crafting on four different alts will eventually burn me up and I will be ready to go back to the (rather overwhelming amount of) quests I have.

    Last night my guildmates mentored and helped me kill General Drull for the Return of the Light HQ — my very first completed one. It was awesome. :D

    PS With regards to the iksar spikes, I’d call them crests instead of fins. :)

  3. stargrace says:

    Heh thanks David, I a fair amount of traffic every day, at least for me, and if you google things like “relic gem lists eq2” (which is a component for some specialty armor in game) you’ll get my site top of the lists. Alts rock, pfts. ;)

  4. David says:

    Great to see you blogging. I looked through the site. I’d be surprised if this couldn’t easily become a top 100 site in your niche. :) Keep up the amazing work! And stop creating alts. lol…

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