How much longer.. *twitch*


Arysh making her way through Unrest earlier this week

You’d think, that because the SoE forums and all SoE related games, are down for at least 14-24 hours, that I’d have plenty to say. But alas, this is not the case. At least not today. Last night in game I did a (slightly painful) labs run with an alliance guild, it was messy and took far too long. After doing some thinking, I decided I’d try to give Mayhem another shot, well, a shot, since I didn’t really go through with it the first time I attempted. The problem is when I search for a raid guild, I want a community along with it, and the raid portion typically goes fine, but the community portion takes a little bit to wiggle into and I end up feeling secluded and then annoyed. Wish me luck this time around though, maybe I’ll have finally found what I want out of a guild!

During the down time I’ll be playing WoW (gasps, there’s that word again) off and on, though of course they patch for 8 hours on Tuesdays as well. Go figure.

Gothun and Shadowgeist played in FTH last night, Gothun picking himself up a nice earring, Shadowgeist managed to snag his first piece of EoF fabled set gear from MMIS a few nights ago. He’s obviously very happy about it. Forever took me on a wonderful (and profitable) Unrest run, too bad Arysh’ set piece didn’t drop. Actually the coercer made off with the majority of the loot, winning not only their legendary class hat, but the robe as well, and the wand of crystallized plasma. Figures.

I did some crafting orders yesterday, so hopefully that’ll help me out a bit with coin. I’ve been trying to prepare for RoK. Not that I ever spend large amounts of coin on items typically, but I’m bad for purchasing silly things like house items and fluff gear. I managed to farm DFC last night and walked away with three blood iron ores, which is fantastic. I wanted to farm it in order to sell the set gear, people have been purchasing them for their fluff slots due to the colours and look of it. I wanted to craft a set for my baby monk of course when she gets to the appropriate level it’ll be a very nice upgrade for her. It’s also the lowest level of “rice bowl” monk hat look that I can get I believe. Too bad it’s restricted by class. While I understand (and agree) that you should only be wearing fluff armor that your class can actually wear, it would be nice to have no restrictions at all just to satisfy that “girlie” side of me that likes to look good in game. Yes, I know, horribly shallow of me to say. But hey now, I play Ratonga and Iksar characters along with my Wood elves, so I’m entitled to the opinion!

Other then that, game’s been fairly quiet. I did also walk away with two masters from DFC, and one was actually an upgrade to my level 70 fury. It was pact of the cheetah, which I’ve never seen drop before in a master form and does not get an upgrade through any levels. I was pleased as punch that it dropped. Most of the gear from DFC was selling for below what a merchant would pay for it, so it instantly became transmuted fodder. Thanks again to Crystallis for helping out!

2 Responses to How much longer.. *twitch*

  1. Gothun says:

    Yay! WoW’s back up! =D

  2. Just wanted to say that I could have picked a better day to decide to come back to EQ2 after the terrible WoW addiction. I know the feeling of “how much longer” as right this moment im sat on the character select screen itching to start playing again….. and actually give EQ more of a chance than I did last time.
    Ill be on AB so I may say hi!

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