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Tagged again, this time by Calreth over at Thermonuclear Exchange


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– I’m not going to tag anyone else, so I’m sorry if it dies with me, but feel free to post your own eight random facts if you’re interested in picking it up! So many tags and what not float around these blogs I’d hate to have people start getting cranky with me.

1. When I was around 13 years old, I taught myself to write with my feet. I couldn’t bare the idea of losing my hands and being unable to write since it is such a huge portion of my life.

2. My cat likes to play fetch. Not exactly a random fact about me, but hey she’s a part of my life, so it counts. She has these little plastic mice that she drags across the house and chases after them, drops them slightly out of reach, and does it again. Then she’ll get bored. Of course.

3. I have a tattoo of a small dragon, a graduation present from my parents.

4. The adult fun super store here in town is giving away free edible underwear if you buy a costume for Halloween. How’s that for random. Before you start wondering what sort of perverted woman I am, it was actually a commercial on the radio mentioning it first.

5. I used to be a girl scout.

6. I’m allergic to real gold. Not white gold, but the yellow coloured gold. I can’t wear it in my ears or in jewelry, it makes me puff up and get all itchy.

7. I’m left handed.

8. I didn’t start getting interested in fantasy until I was 15 or so, my brother got me started on books that he used to read and by a mud he used to play.

1 Response to Tagged – 8 Random Facts

  1. Anonymous says:

    -haha your cat sounds like fun. see if she will play hide and seek, mine LOVED to play that.
    -omg i have a dragon tat, too!
    -radio…uuuuhhh huhhh. i believe that :/
    -im a lefty, too! the only downside is having to strategically get the spot that you can eat comfortably in ahead of time when you go to dinner.

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