Deathtoll and Thanksgiving

Firstly, happy turkey day to all those up here in Canada, I’ll be celebrating it with family, both today and tomorrow. That’s a whole lot of turkey. No such thing as too much though I suppose. Last night I managed to sneak into a Deathtoll (ok, so I didn’t really sneak, but doesn’t that sound better?) raid with Arsenal, new guild that I joined. I have a few friends in it, so it makes the guild better from the start. The raid was a little messy, but it was also late, and the typical tank wasn’t there, and a healer was missing. But before long we downed Tarinax and what not, so that’s always good, right?

Of course breath of the destroyer dropped, which is an item I’ve wanted forever and just never managed to get yet. Last night was no exception, not that I was utterly heartbroken or anything since it was my first raid with them. I spent a good portion of last night taking screen shots of “spooky” places so I could work on some headers and more graphic stuff with photoshop. It just takes me time to decide what it is that I specifically want to do. I played around with a few more signatures yesterday before I left for the evening.

So happy turkey day, and enjoy that stuffing. I’ll be back to make a larger post tomorrow.

3 Responses to Deathtoll and Thanksgiving

  1. stargrace says:

    My screen shot is actually not of Somborn, but of the Graveyard zone in Freeport. :)

  2. Mythokia says:

    Funny, I took a screenshot of that noose thing in the Somborn Village (with my character right on the spot :P) earlier too.

  3. ogrebears says:

    I have gotten to the place that i hate doing deathtoll i still like labs… My guild the other way around they like deathtoll and hate labs.

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