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Ishbel (coercer) hit level 50 today, after questing in sinking sands. I love playing the coercer. A huge thank you to Darrcy who came to help part way through. I own masters of her charms, and it really comes in handy. I hate the dreaded 50+ levels though, so we’ll have to see if I actually get anywhere on her. I’ve got the 57 necromancer and 52 ranger who have been at their respective levels for a few months now, just because I dislike that tier so much. I’ve always felt there was some what of a block there with quests. Even more so before EoF. Now at least there is Steamfont and Klak’Anon to break up the levels a small bit.

She also managed to snag a few more achievement points, which is great.

I worked on designing a paper doll image for Goudia, I wanted it to be seasonal, and involve Halloween, you can find it here. It is not exactly complicated and I’m still learning of course. You don’t want an over whelming background on an image that is quite small, since the character is supposed to be the main focus. There were some orange pumpkin heads that I had placed in the background originally, but they looked a little out of place so I removed them. I’d eventually like to create paper doll images for all of my characters (a time consuming feat considering I have 13 of those) as well as more headers for my site. We’ll see how it goes.

I played Qutey some last night, managed to get her another aa so that she’s level 29 with 29 aa. I think she’s getting fairly close to 30 though. The quests in Butcherblock are fun since I’ve never done them before. I took out the wizard to dust her off some last night, but just wasn’t feeling into it, so I tucked her back away. Maybe some other time.

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  1. ogrebears says:

    Grats on level 50

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