A Few More Levels


I’ve actually been having an amazing time playing my coercer. Be it the fact that for once I don’t care if I die a few times (since my charmed pets always seem to break at the most inopportune times) or the fact that I’m not power leveling this character up any more, I’m not sure. Yesterday I managed to get not only two levels, but eight (yes, that’s right.. 8.. ) aa for her as well. I know they’re easier to obtain the less you have, but she’s sitting at almost 50 now, and I’m happy with that. She’s also level 53, the past two levels I’ve managed to get with no vitality at all. So how did I level? Easy, questing.

I’ve always hated the 50’s and eventually I am going to run out of quests. In fact, very soon I am going to be out of quests, but there are a few. There’s chains in Pillars of Flame, as well as Sinking Sands (which I’ve now completed) there are the Godking chains, a few quests hidden away in Living Tombs and Silent City, as well as the Lesser Faydark, which is packed with quests. More so if you’re good aligned, the fae court frowns upon those of us from Freeport (such as Ishbel). I found a fairly comprehensive guide someone put together on which pets were good to charm by zone, and it’s certainly come in handy. I would have spent all day charming the wrong mobs in order to figure out which did the highest amount of dps. Am I taking down super heroic content? No, but I’m on par at least with my other soloing classes, which is exactly what I wanted.

I’m hoping to get her to 55 or so in the next week, two levels away so it should be do-able I hope. I’m also thinking of moving her to her own house and out of Big Bend, but I own so many homes already, I’m not certain. Shadowgeist has as always been exceptionally helpful in asking me if there’s instances I want to do, and we farmed Mines of Meldrath a few times looking for items for both the coercer and the ranger. He seems to be getting along well in his new guild, so that’s always pleasing. Gothun created a mystic, I know he’s been eager to “stick it out” with an alt, maybe this will be the one. Other then that, the game is quite as anticipation of RoK and even the new Shard of Fear instance approaches. I’m looking to get a few rp stories posted over the next few days, and of course I’m working on my photoshop abilities. I have to be in the mood for that though and it comes and goes. I hope everyone else is doing marvelous in game and that travels are going well no matter what mmo you may find yourselves in!

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  1. ogrebears says:

    O i didn’t know there was a guide, i have just been taking random mobs.. course mine only in the low 20’s so i guess it dosn’t matter much.

  2. Gothun says:

    I think I’m gonna roll with my assassin for a while, then run the mystic when I get tired of the other.

  3. Lader says:

    let me know when youre levelling ishbel and ill bring orlic. pet classes(esp when they pick the caster pets) always love a trouby :P

  4. stargrace says:

    Ohh thinking of coming to play with us? I run a little guild on Antonia Bayle along with Shadowgeist, Gothun’s got alts in it (his main is in a raid guild) as well as Calreth who runs a blog (linked to the right side) and Cordanim (also linked to the right) and a few others. We’re all on Antonia Bayle. :) Come play! *peer pressure for the win*

  5. MrrX says:

    Glad to see you are still here ! Grats on the levels & AAs, that has to feel good.

    I’m back – I think. Where do you & Goth play nowadays ?

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