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Ok, so the image above actually looks far better in it’s full version (it’s shrunk to about half the size here so that my blog doesn’t scream in agony, nor the people who have to upload the images) but I did have a lot of fun creating it. It uses a combination of three screen shots, adjusted and what not to suit my taste. The eyes on Arysh took a lot of work as they were pretty much just black pupils. It’s hard to see exactly what I’ve done to the shot without seeing the originals, but you’ll just have to take my word on it, I changed a lot.

I managed to get Ishbel to level 57 today, actually I grabbed her level quite early on in the day and then spent the majority of the rest of it on the couch battling the sniffles and playing with photoshop. Hopefully it’s just a 24 hour type thing that is gone before I know it. Anyhow, yes, level 57. I’ve run out of Lesser Faydark quests to do, and I’m nearly out of TT quests as well. I spent some time actually doing the warg quests in Somborn since I could just mez (providing it landed) the ones I needed before using the collar on them. I did die once do to a resist, but it went far smoother then I had figured it would, especially since the final mob was red to me and the ones before that were all orange.

I can get experience with level 70’s now, which is perfect for questing. It means I don’t have to be mentored to get an update, important. I spent more time killing heroic brownies yesterday (guess what, the four hours I spent killing solo brownies was wasted.. ) the cowl of the trickster drops from heroic ones only. Well. That sure was nice to learn. At least I found out now and not later I suppose. I finished the Wu chain, as well as the Nybright chain, both which reward with plenty of items and coin. In fact I think over the past three days as I’ve been leveling the coercer I’ve made about 15p from vendor trash alone, as well as doing all those wonderful basket quests (which I’ve completed all of and can’t obtain any more boo). So what’s next on the agenda? I’m not sure if I want to take a little break from the coercer, or if I want to play another alt, or maybe one of my level 70’s or what. I’m still excited and looking forward to the new content coming later this week, including the new instance which I’m sure will be some what difficult. Other then chattering to old friends, playing around in TK, and leveling the coercer, I haven’t been up to too much. I’m thinking of making some simple T6 adornments (namely the +power / +hp ones) to sell on the broker since I’ve transmuted so much lower level stuff lately, we’ll see how it goes.

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