Shard of Fear


With the GU39 being implemented yesterday, I of course (along with the majority of the server) found myself in the shard of fear. The zone is huge, and I loved that aspect of it. It’s one of the few out door dungeons EQ2 has. Not even sure if the others count since they’re raid zones and not dungeons (I’m thinking of the other one in the Feerrott, with those T5 epics that’s an out door zone). So for once I wasn’t doing an instance in a stuffy hallway or house or whatever. The entire thing is out doors. It reminded me both of the Feerrott, and the original Plane of Fear. There are three epicx2’s in the zone, The Dracolich, Agony, and of course Terror, who’s the boss of the zone. The majority of the zone is also orange con to a level 70, so that makes it some what difficult. There are some random quests in the zone, the puzzles were far easier then Unrest to figure out though. It’s a nice tide-over until RoK hits us in November. I did of course get naked from being smushed in there my first time through. I wouldn’t suggest heading in there unless you know your group, and know them well. It was fun none the less.

Last night also saw me heading into LoA (people still DO that zone?) no deaths, 2nd on the heal parse, not that I was keeping track, honestly. After that quick run through the raid made their way to Emerald Halls where we beat our heads against a wall for an hour or two. Or at least that’s exactly what it felt like. A bunch of people left after LoA so I swapped out my warden for the templar. Then we got another templar, so I swapped out for my bard since we were short a few. It’s really the down side to having so many high level alts. While I don’t mind swapping right now since none of them really need anything with RoK coming up, I am hoping to settle down some what once the expansion hits.

Cordanim is of course taking his break from EQ2 and playing WoW some, he’s also headed to France, lucky him! Gothun has been playing his assassin a lot lately which he enjoys, happy to hear. Calreth is of course doing crazy writs and crafting, still can’t believe he leveled so fast. One of my old friends from EQ1 may be coming to the game in November once RoK goes live, that’ll be nice, hopefully I can convince them to stay, and get another guilded into Torrent Knights (who hit level 26 last night woot!). Been chattering to both Albrta and Kilanna plenty as well, both wonderful ladies.

The cold weather is getting closer every day, and I’m absolutely loving it. It makes for nice lazy days crafting, watching the leaves change colours. Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, profit ui is the best EQ2 UI I’ve ever used, I just love it. They added a toggle yesterday that enables you to click a cure in your group window (as you’d typically do) and it will interrupt whatever spell you happen to be casting, and cast the cure. I love it. It’s fantastic. The new update to 4.0 was certainly worth it and I’d highly recommend this UI to anyone who happens to dislike default. It takes a little getting used to, but I doubt I’d ever go back now, especially with their online updater, so I don’t have to keep going to the eq2interface site in order to download my updates.

More updates later, tonight is HoS.. (people still do that zone too?!)

4 Responses to Shard of Fear

  1. Lysari says:

    bummer. I thought as long as we did the access quest we’d be alright. Oh well.

  2. stargrace says:

    If you’re only 54 you won’t be, you have to be 70 to enter the zone. :(

  3. Lysari says:

    Shiny! Pretty! We’re going in this weekend even though we’re only level 54 and there are only two of us. We just wants to see it. Death is acceptable.

  4. Cordanim says:

    OMG that looks gorgeous!!! Take me with you there next time! :)

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