Dasie, Vindicator of the Coin


I’d been pondering what to work on in game while I wait (like everyone else) for RoK to release. We’re all frantically counting down the days and weeks until new content. Excited? Yes, quite a bit. I’ve been doing older quests on Dasie lately, trying to clear them from her journal while having things still be interesting for me at the same time. Easier said then done on occasion. Out of all the expansions out there I’ve probably leveled up the least amount in DoF. I did do the Godking chain of quests but that’s about it. I’d never worked on the Ring of Fate, or did much with factions (there are three, Coin, Truth, and Blades). While I did have 20,000 with coin on Dasie (just enough to get her call of ro quest completed) that was about as far as I took it.

So yesterday for the majority of the day I wandered around Maj’Dul completing various quests for faction, some coin, and finally after some time the “vindicator of the coin” title that I’ve never actually had before. It felt good to get it done. That leaves two more factions to complete since I’m pretty sure to start the ring of fates quests someone mentioned you need to have worked all three up. Hrms. I’ll have to look up the quest and see, since I’ve really got no experience with it.

Bought Dasie a new outfit last night as well. All she’s missing is the rice bowl hat (rockpounder is one that all priests can wear) and she’s transformed from a templar to a monk class. She’s also got a handy dandy two handed hammer for just such occasions. I enjoy having “fluff” armor slots, but wish there were more of a selection of things to wear. I feel sorry for those people who wear cloth, since Dasie wears plate she has a great choice of armor. She’s of course also wearing her LoN burning fists item that I claimed. I found a booster pack and decided to trade it, I managed to get my Three Warriors painting, as well as those fists. Worth it? Matter of opinion honestly. There could have been a better loot card in that booster deck, but it doesn’t really matter to me.

I’m pretty set on making a new dirge when RoK comes out – yes I realize everyone and their dog has a dirge and they’re the new flavour of the month, but oh well. I have a few (three?) character creation slots left on the two accounts, and I may as well use them up.

Other then that, just counting down the days….

2 Responses to Dasie, Vindicator of the Coin

  1. MrrX says:

    You’ve leveled so many characters, you probably wouldn’t try my “Waiting for Kunark” activity – levelling the wizard up. And my Quester is on hold until I can start levelling with the new expansion.

  2. ogrebears says:

    I’ve never finished the Ring of Fate… Well now that i think about it i’ve never finished Claymore, of SOD, or Prismatic, or Peacock… My goal is to finish my epic when they come out. I will finally after 3 years have finished a major story arch!!!

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