What to do before RoK


I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with myself before RoK (rise of Kunark) releases. Since I’ve got so many characters already, leveling them up isn’t really a huge concern of mine. Although I did make myself a new goal to only have ONE main in RoK. A distinct main. I’ve actually never had one before. I want one. I figure if I dedicate as much time to one character as I do to 10 characters, I can make them pretty nice. We’ll see how that goal goes. No decision on it yet either, I’ve got no idea who I want to be playing. Go figure. Anyhow.

There’s a bonus to experience coming this Sunday, and next Sunday (right before the RoK release) that I’m looking forward to. Not because I want to adventure, but because it gives me some time to get my crafters up there before the expansion comes out and I’m left wondering why I didn’t level them up sooner. As you can see by the screen shot above, I’ve been busy. I used up all of Arysh’ tradeskill vitality yesterday and managed to get her three levels working away on those writs. I adore them, it’s one of the best things they implemented. I decided to do some harvesting after grinding out all those levels, and stock piled to get 70 on her this weekend. By then I’ll have saved up vitality again (I hope) and it won’t be too much of a push.

Next I started on Goudia, who hit 51 weaponsmith. The tailor is also sitting at 50. The alchemist is 60, the sage, provisioner, and jeweler are all sitting comfortably at 70. The armorer and carpenter are way behind but hey I need projects when I hit 80 too, right? Sales are exceptionally slow in game, so aside from doing writs, I’m not wasting my rares. I’ll save them for all the crazy Sarnak who come wandering through in November and then maybe make some good sales. I’ve stashed aside 100p in the guild bank for RoK, funds for whatever character I end up working to 80 first, and I’ve got about 100-200 rares sitting in the guild bank waiting for use. I’ve also stashed aside a huge amount of transmuting items so that Arysh can work the skill up for components, and tinkering.. well that one’s on the back burner for a bit I think. I haven’t decided yet. It honestly depends on who I’m bringing to 80. We’ll just have to see.

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  1. Saylah says:

    I’m glad that I’m coming back again just around an expansion with a new race. Like before, it opens up an opportunity to mingle with lots of other lowbie toons and ride the wave for a while. My biggest problem is that I can decide on a profession and I dont want any do-overs :-(

  2. ogrebears says:

    I want to get my carpenter up to 70 before the expansion. I’m at 39 right now.. so i probably will not be able to but i’ll be trying to burn threw as much as i can

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