Some Times it’s Confusing


The screen shot above, is for a scintillating Judicious Composite Gear. It drops from mobs, and it’s for tinkerers. Most people out there don’t know what this is exactly, but since I’ve got a tinkerer, any time anyone asks for the +10dps adornment for bows, well, that’s what it is. It’s one of the few adornments that the second subclass artisan makes.

Of course, someone who’s new to the game wouldn’t know that. There’s no plain way to know what this recipe even does, aside from doing some research. You’d have to do what I did to figure it out, the +10dps bow adornment on the broker, figure out what the name of it is, and then search through recipes learning which one goes with what. Of course there are handy sites with crafting information where you can also look this stuff up. I just wish they had an easier way to find them. Ie: The name of the recipe (Eznertob’s Consecrated Contraption) matching the actual name of the adornment instead. Or having some other logical method of naming it.

Ok, maybe this post is a stretch, but it was just one of the little things that got under my skin.

In game today, Sensual hit 35 brigand, something I’m happy about. She also went from 20-28 armorer. Wow. I miss the way that vitality lasts. I wish it were like that for all levels. I’m hoping she can gain back enough over the Saturday tomorrow to push through to level 30 by the time the bonus experience is in game. That’d be nice. Not that I really need another crafter.

2 Responses to Some Times it’s Confusing

  1. Lishian says:

    Thos are great! On the PVP servers, the vampiric composite gear is most popular.

    Tinkered jump boots are popular on pvp servers as well.

  2. ogrebears says:

    Even now a year since EoF came out i have not much of an idea what tinkers make. I know they make thing to harvest faster, i know they make a mender bot, but the rest of the stuff they make i have no idea.

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