So What Were the Results of the 50% extra Experience?


Not much posting happened this weekend, but plenty of other sorts of goodness went on. Of course it was one of two Sundays before the release of Rise of Kunark and with it came an increase in experience both for adventurers and crafters. I’m sure I was not the only one who took advantage of the bonus. So how did I end up spending my time and what were the results? Well. The screen shot is of Arysh, my woodworker, who finally managed her way to level 70 before RoK comes out. I’m very pleased, she’s the fourth level 70 crafter I have. Not that big of a deal with the new expansion coming out and another 10 levels to grind, right? Well, I’m pleased anyhow. It means a few less to do when the cap goes up.


  • Ishbel 60->62


  • Armorer 21->30
  • Weaponsmith 50->52
  • Woodworker 67->70
  • Carpenter 23->30
  • Tailor 48->50

Pretty much everyone got a few levels in at least crafting. So that leaves my totals now as far as crafting and adventuring goes as follows:


  • 70 Mystic
  • 70 Templar
  • 70 Troubador
  • 70 Illusionist
  • 70 Warden
  • 62 Coercer
  • 57 Necromancer
  • 52 Ranger
  • 36 Brigand
  • 33 Monk


  • 70 Jeweler
  • 70 Sage
  • 70 Provisioner
  • 70 Woodworker
  • 60 Alchemist
  • 52 Weaponsmith
  • 50 Tailor
  • 30 Carpenter
  • 30 Armorer

There’s still a little bit of a life in there too, no worries. I also managed to design a new logo for a guild, and worked on some art work for a friend. Christmas is just around the corner (they’re calling for SNOW this Wednesday!) and I’ve got plenty of projects to work on. A huge random thank you by the way to Shadowgeist for updating my DeviantART account, that was a nice gift this weekend. I have finally narrowed down my choices in regards to a main when RoK comes out, though the answer may be surprising. Since it seems to change from day to day, I’m going to leave it a surprise for now. I’ll write about that more when RoK is actually live and there’s proof that it’s my new “main”. In the mean time, I’m going to harvest some in preparation for the grind to 80 I suppose, and continue working on the other crafters so that they have some vitality when Sunday rolls around again with bonus experience.

7 Responses to So What Were the Results of the 50% extra Experience?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I slaughted (PVPed) at least 20 other player’s toons on xp sunday before I had to log out for the day. When are they going to give an AA bonus weekened?

  2. Arcos says:

    Used xp potions and got my Alchy up 3 levels to 63 and my Sage up 3 to 58 before I ran out of vitality. Will try to do the same next Sunday. Already got 70 Jeweller and Woodworker. Perhaps I should have worked on my Tailor and Armourer as well but tbh I’d had enough of crafting by thet time. I’d like to continue on the Alchy to 70 before RoK but not sure if I can face grinding writs with no vitality even with double xp.

  3. Wilhelm2451 says:

    At about 11pm on Sunday night, I realized it was exp bonus Sunday.


    I *was* going to get out my pally and go for a new level. Maybe next Sunday.

  4. Someone says:

    Might want to stop at 69.9 so you get 100% vitality before RoK. When you hit 70 your Vit is 0 automaticall.

  5. Lysari says:

    As Lys is already at 70 as a provie, Ealasai got to work on her jewelry – and got from 39 to 42 before I got annoyed enough to want to stop. Just in time also as I was running out of supplies! Rest of the day spent getting more supplies and finishing some quests with Lysari.. who almost got to level 56… almost.

  6. Tipa says:

    Main: Remember, go halfling.

    We have pie.

  7. Tipa says:

    I leveled my PvP conj to 10 :) And then spent the rest of the time either raiding or pointlessly working on the “perfect” weighted companion cube render, so maybe I could have spent my time better…

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