Tinkering Woes


I’ve got a very small range of goals that I’m trying to get done before the new expansion comes out. Why bother? Well, I’m sort of a lists person. If I want to get anything done, or feel a small sense of accomplishment, I make a list. I do it for a lot of things. One of the items was to get Goudia’s tinkering skill to 350. Now, I already have a tinkerer at 350 skill, Stargrace. But I rarely play her. I decided a few days ago that the level 70 I’d stick with in rise of Kunark will be the troubador. I had her tinkering at around 60 and decided I’d spend 10p of my savings (if it cost that much) and see how high I could get it. I’ve spent roughly 2p50g and gotten it to 300 so far. 50 more points and that will be finished off. I’m exceptionally happy of course.

Down side, Goudia is not at 100aa yet. She needs 9 more. So that’s on the list as well. And so is saving up collection quests in preparation for the expansion. Though I’m sure that there’s so much discovery and quests that it won’t exactly be needed.

The quickest method I found for leveling tinkering, was to stop production after the first completion. Because this craft works on skill rather then experience, you get the same chance at a skill up from pristine as you do from the first tier. Aside from that, one recipe (at least) a tier, uses very few ores, but it uses plenty of loam (fairly cheap still) and rocks (also fairly cheap) thus saving you huge amounts of money. You get no pristine experience so making things for the first time isn’t going to net you anything extra either. You want to see what that cool do-dad is that you just scribed? Easy, open the recipe book and right click the image, then right click the image at the bottom of that, and you can examine the item before you ever make it.

So why tinkering? Well, Arysh is already 350 transmuting. That cost me about 50p to work up (minus any farming) and I’m not going to do it again. Tinkering also has far more usability to my characters. Who doesn’t want to be able to feign death, rez a group member (I’m a troubador remember, not a dirge) or any other number of things to play with. Though I was of course disappointed that my mem wipe item was changed to a de-agro, it happens.

Of course in the mean time Goudia’s bags are a disaster area, as can be seen above. She’s got ore and roots and rocks stashed all over the place and there’s no point in me trying to organize it right now when all I want is another 50 skill ups and then I’ll be done (for now). I apologize for the lack of posts lately, but with the expansion looming and plenty of people hanging out in beta more then in game, there’s been sparse topics to post about. Expect an explosion on the day of release!

Tomorrow the wonderfully smart owners of my building have decided that between 9:30am and 3pm, the power (including heat) is going to be turned off. I’m sure there’s a reason for this (they did it last year too) but they always seem to pick the coldest day of the week to do it. I also live on the 11th floor which means if I want to leave the apartment at all during the day, I’ll be walking. So tonight, I’ll be heading out to go book shopping, find a few extra art supplies, and find something that I can take out of the fridge and eat without having to prepare it on a stove first, and something I won’t need lights for. Since it’s winter months here now pretty much it’s going to be a dark, quiet, day. Thank goodness for my mp3 player and a love of books.

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  1. Lishian says:

    Is that a new Tetris?

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