Happy 3rd Birthday EverQuestII


The above picture comes from SoE’s official site, today was EQ2’s third birthday and with it they released some very cool rewards for those who have been subscribed to the game since the start. Only one of my accounts qualifies for this, but I’m excited none the less. The second account doesn’t even (quite) qualify for the two year rewards *grumbles* oh wells.

So what comes with this super duper birthday? Well, not only will you get to dance around in Billy form (and who doesn’t love Billy eh? He’s some what of an icon in EQ2 that’s for sure) you also get a new house item (of course I swooned over this) that reduces the coin value of your rent by 25% – very nice. You also gain a new title, The Zealous. Awesome. Of coures it doesn’t end there.

People will also gain 3x Draft of the Skilled and Draft of the Wise. Very handy for the new expansion. Of course, it’d be a lot better if I were not planning (as of yet) to use my dps in RoK (who has no veteran rewards) vs. the healer account that will be able to claim these. It should also be noted that no one will actually have these items until after RoK is released and the +90 days that comes with buying an expansion is credited to your account. Right now I’m up to 1365 days, that’s including the 3 years the game has been out, and the +90 per expansion. 3 months short of the 4 year rewards. Of course that’s assuming that RoK will add another 90 days to your account like the others did. If it doesn’t, it’ll be three more months (boo).

So happy birthday to the game (wow does it feel odd to say that) I can hardly believe it’s been that long already. I still remember my EQ1 days. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend, and eats lots of cake!

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  1. Selaici says:

    3 Years eh?
    Crikey it has been a while. I still say that my first month of being in Norrath was my favourite.
    Nothing will recapture that magic :-(

    Still… onwards to Kunark!!!
    It’s the 13th here for me already but I have to wait for you guys to catch up :-P

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