Dasie Joins a Guild, Chel’Drak, Clockwork, Freethinkers, and Courts Down


Alright, so the weekend got off to a fairly interesting start. Late Friday night I couldn’t sleep, and decided to browse through the recruitment posts just randomly. I noticed Azure Skies was looking for a templar. Those sort of classes never seem to be needed on my server since most templars (and thus guilds) are already well established. So I asked what sort of templar they were looking for. It could have been for a mage group, but surprisingly enough (though I suppose not THAT surprising since the guild is fairly new) they were looking for a main tank templar.


I spent the night pondering it over, talked with Shadowgeist about it, and decided to give it a shot. With raids only three days a week, it wouldn’t take up a huge amount of time, and while some of the folks may not be the friendliest of people, well. Lets be honest here. I want to do well. I’m still in TK on all of my alts and plan on remaining that way. Friends are very important to me, and I wouldn’t want to just abandon anyone. However, I have to admit that I am pretty excited. Last night we did their first ‘major’ raid. We met up at Freethinkers Hideout, and zoned in with three groups, and three characters botted. I was not overly excited. Especially when we wiped on the ‘finger pointer’ a number of times. We were just about naked (and discouraged) when low and behold, our tactics worked, and down she went. We were excited. Malkonis was next, who went down first pull. Trayloth (spelling on that may be off) posed only a slight issue, as we had two bat adds part way through. We got him as well though, first pull. Dasie got the wrist piece pictured above.

We headed off to Clockwork next, no issues there, things went smoothly. I was a little concerned about DPS, but we pulled it off. Not that Clockwork is really difficult, but well, you never know. Next we headed to Courts for some guild status. Azure Skies is fairly new, a few people who broke off from another major raiding guild. So we’re only level 30.  Blew through courts, and decided to go attempt Chel’Drak. Now, a few of the newer members have never been to any of these zones before. So they were in absolute awe as we downed them with what appeared to be ease. Of course it helps when 6 of your members have already been very well geared out by previous raid zones (the core of the guild, in fact). I’m sure it was a lot of fun for the newer members to experience the raids this way.

Oh, and Tipa will be pleased to know that my RoK ‘main’ is indeed, a halfling. Bring on the Jumjum.

4 Responses to Dasie Joins a Guild, Chel’Drak, Clockwork, Freethinkers, and Courts Down

  1. Someone says:

    Azure Skies is fairly knowledgeable. Thier core is from GoTJP so they should be well equiped.

  2. stargrace says:

    Yoink away, I snagged it from Cordanim who’s had it for a few months now, lol. Hard to find a theme that does everything I want it to and is easily customized.

  3. Tipa says:

    BTW, I yoinked your theme… mine got screwed up somehow. And I didn’t like it that much anyway.

  4. TIpa says:

    Lol… Dasie now? She’s cool, I like her! Was kinda hoping for another troub in the blogosphere, but hey, grats and I’ll bring the pie :)

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