Billy dolls, faction quests, and more faction quests


Who doesn’t want to be a billy doll, reward from the 4 year /claim and when you don’t want to be a billy doll, you can shrink yourself by 40% with the item and /hide it. Works wonderfully. Arysh quested in Kylong plains most of the day yesterday and I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s too much fishing required. Fishing is quite possibly the only skill I’ve never worked on with any character. I’ve stumbled into two quests that require it so far with chains after them that I can’t complete because ew. Who wants to fish.

On the flip side of that. I had read and was understood in beta that you could still complete some faction quests as a crafter, and even get your sokokar if you were not a high level adventurer. So I decided to put it to the test. The dock-side quests for crafters went off without a hitch, my 57 necromancer (70 sage) received her sokokar with no issues.


Then she managed to snag the quest from Greenblentus in Teren’s Grasp called “New Lands, New Profits”. It gives you faction (on completion) for both of the major (there are more, I know) faction in the Fens of Nathsar, turning them non-agro. The issue is, that to complete this quest, you have to run around in the fens. I’m 57, believing this was an alternate rout for me to complete the faction I needed to at least be non-agro to the watch, so I can start faction writs. At 57 running past the agro guards of the watch is not easy. I did manage to fandangle my way up there, and grab the sokokar post at the same time. I got my quest update, a little crate on the right hand side JUST before you enter the gates of the watch.

The next update? Along the banks of the river just East of Rillis. I’m screwed. Not only does everyone in Rillis want to eat me for breakfast (dang gnomes!) but the country side is filled with mean nasties as well. I tried to find this box on Arysh, since she’s done the adventure portions and is no longer agro, but I couldn’t find the crate I needed.

After this, two more crates. They probably want me to travel to the center of some other agro city.

So how am I going to try to get around this? Well, thankfully, killing one sort of iksar will make the sarnak at the watch non-agro to me. So I’m going to have Shadowgeist smush one for me. The next issue? I have no idea if I can get the writs as a level 70 crafter – I think – that they start at 72. I don’t mind leveling. And why am I going through all this trouble to begin with?

The advanced sage books are going from anywhere of 1-5p on my server. This faction will let me buy them for 10g and some change each. The books are no trade, so you have to faction for them yourself. As a 57 necromancer, thankfully I can still group with 72’s, but the quests for faction (adventurers) are level 68+ and I can’t do them. I understand that the game is a mixture of crafting and adventuring, and it is sort of exciting getting hit for 15,000 as a lowbie wandering around. I’m basically just trying to avoid a price gouge on books since I’m already paying one on raw materials not to mention fuel.

So RoK is very much all about the faction. I like that aspect of it though, makes things pretty exciting.

7 Responses to Billy dolls, faction quests, and more faction quests

  1. Mythokia says:

    The one at Omen’s Call can be done w/ a low fishing skill or not all I think.

  2. stargrace says:

    You know, I didn’t actually check *sighs* I suppose I could have done that. I just assumed ew fishing and left it at that.

  3. Lader says:

    you sure that it requires fishing skill? ive done a few quests now that say “hey, go grab these fish out of the lake of ill omen or out of the lake north of KC” and i was able to go harvest them just fine with a fishing skill of 112. my skill even went up when i did it. so far 2 or 3 quests like that.

  4. Tipa says:

    There’s a crate at the bottom of the hill leading to Crystal Grove in the Fens. I didn’t know what it was last night while I was kiting around there — it may be one of the ones you need.

  5. Tipa says:

    Well, Dina is a T6 Tailor… I’ll have to look around. Looks like tonight, though, I’ll be skipping Fens and looking to raise more Teren faction :) Maybe try and get another KC group or perhaps a Chardok one. Yeah, KC is crappy xp, but I will go there as often as I can until I find the good part I know must be in there somewhere. I never refuse a group :)

  6. stargrace says:

    The dockside quest was for crafter only, if you’re an adventurer you’re not offered it. The one my post talks about at least. The fishing quest has a chain of 6 other quests afterwards – I *barely* have enough faction now to do business in Terens, I had to travel to the other side of Kylong Plains and complete the chains that are at a little out post there since I avoided the fish ones. Just south west of the Fens of Nathsar zone, way down that way. It’ll give you the 20k you need.

  7. Tipa says:

    I must be missing something. I have done all the quests in the Teren’s Grasp/Docks/That camp behind KC that I can, and still can’t do business in Teren’s Grasp. — except the fishing one. There’s a dockside quest that gives you faction enough to get quests other than the continuation of dockside ones from Teren’s Grasp? Pray tell!

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