Questing the Levels Away

I know a lot of people are upset that in the newest expansion your pretty much forced to quest in order to level with any amount of speed at all. There’s been numerous posts about it, outcries, and random bursts of anger. Personally speaking, I love the quests. I’ve seen zones like Darklight Woods, and Greater Faydark, absolutely explode with quests compared to their old world starter zones and there’s no other better way to get upgrades, coin, and experience all at once. I of course share concern with those who are worried about the lack of heroic content, but since I personally am not one to grind away my levels, it’s a very small concern. I don’t agree with forcing people to play one way or another, and wish there was equal content for all playing habits. I also realize that this is probably a very difficult task.


I spent the weekend questing on the bard. Finished off all of the Kylong plains quests, and maxed out my faction with Teren’s Grasp. Without having to step foot into Karnor’s Castle (which I’ve never been inside yet since I played beta). I worked on some Kunzar Jungle quests with Shadowgeist (who’s shooting past me in levels, think he got 75 last night and is part way to 76? Very nice!) since there was less lag there. Then headed to the Fens to continue on my chain of quests there. I’ve made plenty of coin, lots of upgrades, and am just having a lot of fun completing them. I didn’t have a whole lot of time to play yesterday as the Christmas rush is approaching and I’ve got things to get done (plus I just bought a new book that’s so good!). Goudia did hit 73 though and is 30% away from 74. There’s lots of people who are already high 70’s and 80, but I’m taking my time to enjoy the new expansion. I haven’t done nearly as much tradeskilling as I’d like to do, but I’m sure I’ll get that in there some place too.

The log in issues on Antonia Bayle have been horrible, and I’m hoping it’ll be at an end real soon. We’ll just have to see.

For all you bloggers out there, be sure to /join antonia_bayle.bloggers – a new channel that Cuppy started for the community to get together and chatter, I’m typically in there and spent some time talking some last night, even if it is quiet the rest of the time. Great idea to start one up!

3 Responses to Questing the Levels Away

  1. Epok says:

    I love quests. But I don’t like to solo, at least not on my main, a Guardian. The problem is not to force people to quest, I mean I don’t need to mention the name of the game we are talking about :P. The problem is that people are “forced” to solo.

    Of course no one is forced to do anything, but grouping together to do solo quests is a bit odd and always feels like a waste of time and resources for me. The same goes for dungeon crawls when at the same time you can watch people solo and get up to x3 the exp you get in a full group in a contested dunegon…

    But I guess all these arguments are well communicated and discussed. Even Gallenite replied on another blog and defended their decision. The only question remains, why the heck did they do it LOL. To quote another forum poster: “If I wanted to play WoW I would cancel EQ2 and play WoW” :P

    Anyways enough negativity. RoK still rocks if you play a class that can solo well and I only hope the next expansion will be a bit more balanced in the group vs. solo aspect on the way to the next cap.

  2. Tipa says:

    I’m on Cuppy’s channel as my bard, Dina, or my bruiser, Winterwing. She inherited Dina’s channels yesterday.

    Note that I find questing boring, so I take long breaks when I solo to go read books, or watch TV, or play Guitar Hero, or play with the cat. Non-group content just doesn’t engage me that much :/ So just because I am in the channel, doesn’t mean I’m at the keyboard :P

  3. ogrebears says:

    I don’t mind the quest, and i don’t think most people mind having a ton of solo quest. I think the problem is that right now doing solo quest you can gain a full 100% in 3 to 4 hour. While in the same amount of time grouping you barely would get 10-15% of exp for the same amount of time. If the xp between the 2 was closer than it is now i think people wouldn’t be complaining as much

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