House Pets Run Amuck


Every time poor Stargrace zones into her house, her friendly shiny-finder, Snookie, is sitting in or on the book shelves. Apparently he has some strange affinity for paper. I find it amusing none the less. I had Goudia feed it, and chuckled, as the “shiny” it rewarded me with, was the no-trade no-value lore no-destroy Sword of Destiny quest piece. I petitioned to have it removed, since I couldn’t destroy it and Goudia is past that portion of the quest. I’m still looking for a T8 carpenter on Antonia Bayle to take all these mahogany pieces off of my hands and turn them into pretties, there’s been some fantastic pieces I’ve seen for sale, but they’re also exceptionally expensive right now. With my carpenter sitting at level 30, I’m wondering if I should just bite the bullet and level her continuously. You’d think (and I’ve mentioned this before) that of all the tradeskillers I have (I have one of everything) that the one I use the MOST (carpenter) would be level 70 at least. But no. I’ve typically just bought or quested for my pieces. Oh, and Stargrace looks tiny in the shot since she’s using that billy doll clicky that reduces her by 40%.

What a cute couple eh? That’s Shadowgeist and Goudia sitting on the throne in Fens of Nathsar, after smacking down some goblin guys. Much fun. I think this quest rewarded a legendary item, it wasn’t that much of an upgrade though, so the vendor got to eat it. Ah well. Money is money!

3 Responses to House Pets Run Amuck

  1. Xaxius says:

    Those are very cool. Looks like I’ve got some faction I need to work on. :)

  2. stargrace says:

    Those are the ornate display cases that are faction sold from the Ironforge exchange once you have 10,000 faction with them

  3. ogrebears says:

    what are thous glass looking jewelry shelf… (umm ya let call it that), things called and can carpenters make them?

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