Kunzar Jungle questing


Goudia sports a few new titles, and I find them a little amusing. I typically keep my titles off, because who wants to deal with having to read all that every time they look at me. She doesn’t even have a last name! Running around Kunzar Jungle last night warranted me enough experience to hit level 75 on the troubador, and make a good deal of coin from vendor sales, as well as obtain my “rubble-rabble rouser” title, and “Quatcha Catcher” title. I love titles, they’re fun little rewards, but I think they’re slightly over the top now.

This is basically how my evening of questing went:

Goudia – Hellos mr / miss / mrs <random name of npc> I’m here to aid you!

Random npc – Great! Can you please head to point A, kill 10 <random name of mob> then come back to me

Goudia – Uh. But didn’t I just do that?

Random npc – Yes, but we’d like you to do it, again! Isn’t that wonderful?

Goudia – Uh.. I suppose..

Spends 10 minutes hunting for mobs, then returns to npc

Random npc – Great! Now, do that, only.. this time. go to point B first. Then visit merchant in point C, grab their quest to kill around the same area the very first quest I gave you made you kill, jump 5 times, and return to me (again).

Goudia – Uhms… ok… *stifles a yawn*

Complaining? No. But just like I need a break from doing any dungeon crawls, I also need breaks from the quests. They all make me run around difference sections of the zone, kill x number of y mobs, return, and then do it again. Numerous times. I did get some fairly nice gear upgrades from doing very little work. But it actually feels as though I have not done anything to get these past five levels. Not complaining, just finding it different.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who live in the states, it’s not turkey day here, since ours was last month, but I hope everyone enjoys it. As for myself… we’re on our second foot of snow in two days, and it’s great. Excited about Christmas!

Got the jeweler to level 71, ran out of vitality and pristine experience so decided to put it on hold for now. I still find it easiest to do the rush order writs on the provisioner, and the location of the tablet to get my writs is an annoyance in every good aligned instance, I have to run through doors and down floors. Grumbles.

3 Responses to Kunzar Jungle questing

  1. Mythokia says:

    I love that title, it does make the rat look even more adorable :P

  2. Kilanna says:

    Grats on all the hard work Girl!!

  3. Lars says:

    That’s hilarious. I suppose they ran out of the good titles and these are all that’s left for rewards. :) I can’t wait to see what titles look like in half a decade.

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