Dolls?! These are ACTION figures…


These are by far the most interesting house items I’ve come across (so far) in RoK. You may want to snuggle up and cuddle with these little plush toys, but they’re most certainly NOT dolls. Action figures, that’s what they are. The Burnai, Sarnak, and Goblin house items were rewards for finishing off three tome language quests this weekend. Goudia managed to hit level 77, though I have yet to actually buy a single upgrade for her spell or gear wise. I’m reluctant to shell out so much money on skills that appear to be a very small upgrade before I find a master (or adept3, if loams would start dropping for me some time). I finished off the Fens of Nathsar quests, all but one which I can’t complete until I reach 30,000 faction with the Bellybumpers or whatever they’re called (yes yes, I know it’s Bellywhompers). Since one of the npc is removed from the zone for now, and I don’t fancy grinding mobs endlessly for faction, it will just sit uncompleted for now.

Leveling up this time around has been… different. I actually feel as though I’ve not even done anything to get the levels I have. There doesn’t seem to be able real difficulty or effort involved, I haven’t had to LFG for hours on end or any of the other typical ‘issues’ I’ve had in the past leveling up. I completed my quests in a group 90% of the time, a small duo or trio seemed to work best. I still have not set foot in a single instance. I’m sitting at 120aa, with 20 left to get before I reach the cap. Pleased, considering Goudia started at 95aa when RoK released.

On the down side, I doubt I’ll have as many level 80’s as I had level 70’s for one simple reason. I don’t think I would want to solo quest them to 80. It can be long, and tedious. Especially for those poor healer types out there. If you’re not a dps class, everything is going to take you longer then normal to accomplish. Who wants that.

So my new goals? Hit 80 on my ‘main’ (Goudia) and continue to work the major quest lines with her. When I’m not doing that, I’m going to try very hard to get all of my crafters to level 80. Do I think I can do it? Yes. It’ll take time and resources of course, but I don’t see why not.

In the mean time, keeping busy making my Christmas cards this year by hand. I’m excited about it. I’ve always hated how commercialized everything is, and this also keeps me busy. I’ll post some pictures of the cards I’ve designed once I get them finished up. Still trying to collect addresses from family and friends as well. It’s astounding the number of people who have moved and who I’ve lost touch with over the years. Oh, side note. Anyone go to see that new Disney movie “Enchanted”? I was thinking of seeing it but not sure if it’s exactly something I want to pay to watch. I have to remind myself some times that I’m 26, not 6. *grins*

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  1. Saylah says:

    I wanted to see Enchanted too but I won’t go to the theater to see it without small children as an excuse. I’ll just have to wait for it to hit the DVD circuit. I’m curious to see McDreamy…err Patrick D. in a comedy. :-)

  2. ogrebears says:

    Well i do plan to get at least 2 maybe 3 of my charater to 80, i probably will eventually get each of them up, maybe one a month. And send the money to my main, as the money reward make each quest pretty worth it.

    My guild has pretty much been grouping up to do the solo quest, We have found that we can fly threw them much faster, make them 10 times easier, and we level a lot quicker.

  3. MrrX says:

    Don’t start talking about having a main again hon – you know what that will mean. You’ll be dropping her in a matter of days! Think of poor Goudia !

  4. Anonymous says:


    On the Movie part : )) My Lovely Wife and youngest child ( 11 ) went to it last nite. They both loved it. It is good to be young at heart..

  5. Mythokia says:

    Yeah those ‘action figures’ are adorable, and the they fit nicely into those new t8 bookshelves too.

    I caught Enchanted on Friday and I don’t quite know how to rate it. I think they’ve got all the humor at the right parts and it never ceased to amaze me how Disney always manages to reinvent its character in ingenious ways. However, some of those sing-along-and-dance scenes are a bit too much for old me (even though I’m not old by all your standards! :P).

    If even give it a high rating of 93%, it’s definitely worth watching!

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