One down, 8 to go.. (Ding, 80 Provisioner)


Stargrace was busy yesterday, very busy in fact. I spent the morning harvesting and doing some smaller quests with Shadowgeist, then decided I’d try to finish off my levels with Stargrace while he went and did a few instances with guild mates. I found provisioning very easy this time around, though it may have been the 9 exp potions I had stored up. I used one potion a level, and even with no vitality managed to ding. I’d make all of the food and drink that was new for the pristine combine, and then grind out writs to finish off the level. Even with the decrease in writ experience (they’ve dropped it from 10% on completion to 5%) it didn’t take me too long to hit the max level. So that’s one of my crafters out of the way, now only eight more to go *groans* I’m not sure who it will be yet. I’m thinking probably jeweler, then sage, then woodworker. Then I’ll work on the ones below 70 that I have. Alchemist, weaponsmith, tailor, armorer, carpenter. In the mean time, while I may have multiple crafters (what else is new) I’ve actually managed to stick it out with a ‘main’ at least. Of course it helps that my healers can’t solo quest nearly as fast as any dps class out there, so I have no real desire to play them to begin with. I’m sure eventually I will, but for now I’m content with the troubador.

Shadowgeist also gave me my first master 71+ yesterday for Goudia, my self buff *cheers* although she can’t use it until level 79, it’s certainly a nice one. I’ve been having a lot of fun talking to fellow bloggers on the channel in game, sharing ideas and suggestions and opinions. We don’t always think alike, and that’s refreshing to me. Intelligent conversations that differ without there suddenly being a Chuck Norris joke thrown into the middle of it by random_player_101 like there is in the level channels that are server side. It’s been great to get to know everyone a little better too.

Other then leveling, harvesting, questing, and more questing, things are pretty quiet. Not that I mind at all. Oh, and as a side note, with the highest tier of writs for crafting paying just under 14,000 personal status on completion, and with Stargrace now able to complete hers in 4 minutes, this is one very happy crafter. Since there are no HQ this time around in RoK, I’m looking for alternative means to level my small guild (alone for the most part might I add) and it’s going to be a very slow grind. I did manage to ding us 28 though, and 40% into it as Stargrace leveled to 80.

3 Responses to One down, 8 to go.. (Ding, 80 Provisioner)

  1. Keen says:

    Grats! Now bake me some cookies.

  2. Gdub says:

    Big Grats on that accomplishment. My highest tradeskiller is a level 44. And I don’t know if I’ll ever have the motivation to get any of them up to level 80.

  3. Tipa says:

    But what if they’re really GOOD Chuck Norris jokes?

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