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Managed to get the jeweler to 72 last night, I figured one level a day is a nice steady pace for a crafter, and in 10 days I’ll be level 80 (at least on someone.. and providing I don’t slack) that way they regain a little vitality as well to help level through it. I’m almost 78 on Goudia, she should hit it today (I think right now she’s 10% away and that’s because the servers are down for maintenance). She managed to clear out a few more Kunzar Jungle quests with Shadowgeist, although more and more the quests are turning to heroics and we can’t duo them all. She’s managed to get quite a few legendary upgrades, since she was not raid geared at the end of T7. I haven’t stumbled over any more spell upgrades yet, but I’m sure that will come in time. I need to get my hands on some loams, which just sucks. Precision of the Maestro is top of my list for things to upgrade and any other buffs that I may have neglected thus far (which is a lot, I know, shameful). Loams are so expensive that I have no incentive to want to purchase any, and harvesting them is proving to be difficult. I know a lot of people are using the drachnid illusion item in order to spend their hours harvesting in caves, but I’ve decided not to take that rout for fear of the angry mobs that have been swarming those people.

Thursday is the guilds first raid, we’re headed to the Tomb of Thugga in Fens of Nathsar. It’s a tier one raid zone, and supposedly the easiest of three (or so we hope). We’re trying to get everyone as high level as we can before we head out, it’ll be interesting to see the raid zone. I’m looking forward to it. If we don’t have enough, we’ll head to MMIS, which still holds upgrades for people (as well as raid experience as we’re all a little rusty now). I’m looking forward to getting into the new zones, as I never had a chance on beta to play in any of them aside from running through Veeshans Peak once it was cleared.

Once Goudia hits 80 I’m going to continue working on her SoD (since the wee gal doesn’t have it yet) and even Claymore. Rumor has it that in RoK you may need those, who really knows. It’ll keep me busy in the mean time. Goudia’s up to only 800 quests completed, and I’d place a bet saying that at least half of those are RoK quests, or close to it. I never did quest with her much leveling up since she has never really been my ‘main’ before. I actually feel comfortable calling her that as well. It’s pleasurable to have a main. I still have progress with multiple crafters, and perhaps I’ll get bored with her in some time, but I always enjoyed the bard and just never really had an opportunity to let her shine. I do have a few pet peeves, though very few are with the actual class as opposed to how others perceive the class. I am not just one of those bards who hope to AFK the entire fight, I dps, and spec to maximize not just my own, but my groups. Utility? Yes, but there’s so much more to this class then that. Everyone rants on and on about how wonderful our counterpart, the dirge, is. But maybe they don’t know everything that a troubador can do. Dirge gives hate? Well, that’s great, troubadors take hate away from anyone who’s not a fighter. Yes, I realize troubs are more geared towards a caster-heavy group, but we’ve also got haste, stam / str buffs, and other small tid-bits that make us fairly well rounded. Don’t have an enchanter? That’s what a troubador is for. Power regen and mez’s all in one. A well played bard is a great asset, and I wish more people would realize that. I’ve had to box my bard on so many raids in the past while playing a ‘more important’ character, just because they’re a very easy auto follow class. I’d never want to actually play my character that way, not fun at all.

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  1. Adele says:

    I love that hat and the matching robe for it:) I wore it for the first week! Looks so cute on the mouse:P

  2. Lader says:

    its ok, i LOVE troubadors!!! you can jester me anytime, baby!

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