Crafting the days away

I did little adventuring with Goudia yesterday, hitting 78 was basically my goal, I slowed down after that. She’s 23% into the level after running around Jarsath Wastes trying to work on faction. Not fun. Killing the same mobs, talking to the same people, trying to kill with 12 other groups of people also running around trying to go after those same mobs so they can finish off the same faction quests that half the server is working on. Down side to a heavily populated server. Not that I’m complaining, but I needed to step away from the people a little. Drives me nuts after a bit.

Arsenal is experiencing their first T8 raid on Thursday, and I’m excited about it. I upgraded a few spells today even though a greater amount are not actually upgrades unless I find masters of them. My spell proc buff was upgraded (thankfully) and does a lot more damage, other then that I’m waiting on masters. Loams are so very expensive right now, they’re going for 4-5p a piece, and since the node is shared between fighters and scouts, it’s frustrating to say the least.

I spent most of today crafting, which was incredibly relaxing. As of now my crafters sit at:

  • 80 Provisioner
  • 76 Jeweler
  • 75 Sage
  • 70 Woodworker
  • 61 Alchemist
  • 57 Weaponsmith
  • 50 Tailor
  • 35 Armorer
  • 30 Carpenter

I’m still looking forward to getting each one to level 80, and for some reason I find the levels faster and easier then before. Probably due to the changes in crafting. A few people are complaining about the changes, but I’m sort of indifferent. Easy or hard, I’d craft none the less. I’d rather have 9 top end crafters then have a whole lot of adventurers who just cause endless trouble for me deciding on who to play. I love the amount of status I’m getting for completing T8 writs as well, hopefully it stays as high as it’s been.

I’m slightly discouraged by how quick and painless everything has been. Does that sound odd? I think after experiencing EQ1 for so long I miss it, and the methods of keying players and requiring access that took forever. I miss the general difficulty of the game, corpse runs and all. There’s nothing difficult in EQ2 (this is a personal opinion only) and I’m hoping T8 raiding proves me wrong. I miss access quests like Deathtoll, hated it when they removed the requirements to pertty much every zone except for CoD (old world zones) and maybe I’m just playing so much that I’m feeling a little drab about these things. Could also be the snow that just doesn’t seem to want to end lately, heh.

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  1. Lader says:

    from what i hear youll be disappointed with the raid difficulty as well…some are in t4 raiding (its the hardcore guilds, not the smaller, less hardcore, but still, 2 weeks in and on the final few raids :/ )

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