Workers Sledgemallet and frustrating guilds


The happy little bardling managed to finally get her workers sledgemallet, after earning max faction with the clans in Jarsath Wastes. The hammer is great, lets me gate to JW when it procs. Handy if you’re not a druid. The quests weren’t too difficult, and I did group up to do them even though they’re flagged as solo. They also rewarded plenty of experience, aa, and legendary gear at the ends which is always a nice thing. Even though once again, it was easy. Everything seems easy (except raids, but that’s another story).

So enter the guild drama. Everyone has some, it happens frequently, especially when you combine any number of people with one another, things are bound to happen. One of the officers of the guild left today, no notice posted on the forums, and an explanation to a few members who asked but no discussion before hand, just left. They also happened to be our best healer, and only druid. So we took a hit on all fronts. They explained to me why they left, and it seemed like a valid reason excuse.

Later on in the day, after saying that I wish them the best in whatever they decided to do, found out they’d actually applied to a few other raid guilds last week, though they failed to mention that to anyone else.

I can understand people wanting to move on. If you’re unhappy in a guild, why stick around. If it’s that bad. If you’re looking elsewhere, then at least have the decency to tell your guild. Especially if you’re an officer or anyone with a high rank. It’s just unfair to the guild other wise when you take off suddenly. I don’t mind that they left, or that they were having issues here, but I do mind that they neglected to tell anyone ahead of time so the guild could prepare and search for a replacement. I hate hearing excuses, I’d rather hear “I hate it here, I’m out” then make up something to seem like they’re the good guy, then find out more information about the situation later. Pet peeve, what can I say.

So now we’re druid-less, and down an officer. This person’s left before in the past, and re-joined, though it seems like that was a mistake. I know it happens, and there’s plenty of drama that goes along with guilds, but it still makes me twinge to hear it. Seems like ever since the 2nd year of EQ2 the guild turmoil just constantly boils. Still waiting for the dust to settle, so to speak.

Raids last night were challenging, we went back to Thuuga and attempted the drachnid mistress again, with no luck. She not only cocoons people but at 40% she spawns adds, you’d think to yourself, hey, it’s just three ^^^ heroic, we’ll be fine. But no. It doesn’t end there. Approximately 10-15 seconds after those three little spider adds spawn, 4 more spawn. Then 6 more. We couldn’t burn her + adds down fast enough, just didn’t have the DPS. So eventually we were over taken by spiders, and lots of them. The best part? They don’t de-spawn when they trigger, so when you wipe, and revive, and head back.. you get to smush the baby spiders again first before attempting her. Unless you pull her away from the spiders, which you can do, but it’s annoying when they’re standing on the spot you fight.

Aside from the raids, guild drama, and Christmas stuff in real life, I’ve been crafting a lot. The jeweler, sage, and provisioner are all happily sitting close to / on level 80. Next (I think) is the woodworker, then the alchemist, weaponsmith, tailor, armorer, carpenter. I managed to sneak a few transmuting skill ups in there as well, so I can tear apart items up to level 75 on Arysh. Stock piling for those adornments that Shadowgeist and I will need eventually.

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