Goudia hits 80, what do I do now?


Goudia managed to ding 80 last night. It wasn’t that big of a deal to me, I’d been sitting at 79 for over a week now, barely playing the character. There just didn’t seem to be anything at 80 that I couldn’t do at any other levels, so I didn’t push it. Quested with Shadowgeist in Kunzar Jungle, which is still by far the worst zone to me, and for no real reasons other then I have a difficult time finding my way around it. The repeatable quests send you all over, and there are too many repeatables. Every second npc seems to have something he wants you to kill over and over.

Once I’d gotten her to 80 though the question sprung up.. what do I do now?

I’d told myself that one level 80 adventurer was all I’d have. I’d work my crafters. But crafting can only go on for so long before you need a change of scenery. So I ultimately decided that I’d level one mage, one priest, and one scout, to 80. For now. Of course knowing how I am, that’ll change next week. So today I decided I’d work on Stargrace (71 illusi) and Dasie (70 templar). There’s no way I can handle solo questing through all of those again with a templar all alone. It’d take me forever to kill anything. I do own two accounts, and I do enjoy boxing – however, the way I box is both accounts on one computer, and I alt tab between them hitting their hot keys (no macro’s at all) and play each as though they were individual. Of course my computer has other ideas with RoK. I can box in any other zone, I’ve even boxed on raids no problems at all. But the intensity of the RoK zones leaves something to be desired on my poor machine. I’m not even aware of my computer specs but it’s a fairly nice one. The idea of solo questing is enough for me to turn down my graphics until the characters are nothing but blobs in burlap sacks on the screen, and waiting for things to render when I’m standing on top of them. That’s how bad I dread solo questing with a templar.

So this morning I set up my graphic settings, turned the sound off of both accounts (the game runs better that way, go figure) and set out to adventure in Kylong Plains – which Dasie had never been to since the expansion hit. Of course that meant I had to do my sokokar quest. Again. This will be the 6th time I’ve completed the quest, and thankfully no more of my level 70’s need it (except maybe a crafter here and there.. and they can wait). Dasie was at 95aa when RoK released, yes, I slacked on her. She’s now close to 100, and 80% into her level. Servers came down (for nerfs, I’ve been told, but who knows) so I’m just waiting for them to come back up and I’ll continue on my way. Decided that today would be a good EQ2-day, cooking a roasted chicken with stuffing later on.

I moved Dasie and Stargrace from Torrent Knights (my own little personal guild) to Arsenal, which is where Goudia is hanging out. I’m not sure how the guild will survive over the next little while, but we do have raids scheduled for next week starting Wednesday, so maybe we’ll turn around. I hate being spread out in multiple guilds, it’s annoying. Especially if I think someone may need me in the “main” guild. I’ll keep my smaller characters in TK while the bigun’s hang out in Arsenal. We’ll see how it goes.

If anyone else is on AB doing the 71+ grind of quests and wants the company of a templar, let me know. I’m already forming plans to convince Shadowgeist to re-quest all those quests with me again after doing them for himself and Goudia.

8 Responses to Goudia hits 80, what do I do now?

  1. Chestone says:

    Congrats on 80! I always love reading about your wild adventures.

  2. Tipa says:

    MrrX: It’s almost certainly a repeatable faction quest giver. You need to be 50,000 faction (max ally) with factions to shop at their faction merchants, which let you buy legendary items.

    Damiende: 2 boxing isn’t uncommon.

    Keen: No no no, this is the NEW EQ2. You don’t group, you solo quest $$$

  3. damiende says:

    How common is boxing in everquest2 is it something a lot of players do?


  4. MrrX says:

    Grats on 80 !

    What does that quest giver want you to do next ? Your screenshot has a choice of “I’m ready for anything” :) .

  5. Keen says:

    Now that you’re 80 you powerlevel Khek to 70 so he can go to Kunark too! Okay I’m joking. Sorta.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Woot! You could make a toon on Nagafen instead of levelling your other toons to 80. :)

  7. Tipa says:

    Grats on 80! YAY!

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