Shorty, Go Home!


One of the more amusing quests that came out with RoK, is one of the language quests. This weekend I decided I’d level Arysh some, and get some aa. The easiest way of course through questing. She decided to pick up the three tome quests which are static spawns, one in Kylong plains, and two in Fens of Nathsar. After picking up the pages, turning them in to a collector, each one gives a sub quest (or two) with a few easy objectives. The one in Kylong has you kill 15 skeletons, one in fens has you kill a few cockatrice, and the final one has you feed a froglok some people food. At the end of the froglok language one, Shorty, decides to stick around for a bit, rambling and trailing after you. He doesn’t just trail after you either, he gates with you if you try to shake him off.

And boy does he talk. Almost none stop. He takes off after some amount of time on his own, but no matter what I did the little green shorty refused to leave Arysh’ home. So far the weekend’s been fairly productive. With a Mistmoore Inner Sanctum (MMIS) raid scheduled for this Wednesday, I decided maybe I’d be able to wiggle Arysh onto the raid rather then Goudia, depending on our turn out (or I offered to box). Arysh has been on the stage of SoD where she only needed the 6 pages and the named afterwards, so I talked to Shadowgeist and asked him if he thought we could duo this yet.

I played Goudia and Arysh (Troubador and Warden) and he played the tank, and we managed (Him at level 80, as well as Goudia, and Arysh at level 75) to duo right up to the named (where we stopped for the day and decided we’d do the rest Sunday as I know guild mates need them too). I was impressed. The zone IS still difficult. They still cast dots left right and center, they still stun, adds are still a pain (though we had 4 encounters at one point and still managed to survive) but it was doable. There were other raids running through on their way to MMIS so at times the zone lagged and that wasn’t quite fun, and yes, we did die (though a few times we died on purpose so we could make our way to the back staircase instead of the front doors) but I was still happy and proud that we managed it. Goudia is way at the beginning of SoD, Dasie has hers already and has for a long time now. If there’s a chance of me switching off to my warden I’d gladly take it.

I had the sage make all of Arysh’ spells up to 75, 8 more fire emeralds and she’ll be done, always a good thing. I’m just now starting to get to the good quests with legendary rewards. I haven’t taken her to Jarsath Wastes yet but I want to start working on that shortly. She also hasn’t started the Kunzar Jungle quests, I’ve stuck to Kylong Plains and Fens of Nathsar, aside from that one Crypt of Agony instance run. Sitting at level 75, 50% through it, with 118aa. I’m quite happy. I always did enjoy playing my warden.

Granted there are 100’s of druid types on the server and every second group I hear asking for a healer is looking for plate or chain, but oh well. It’s supposed to be what I want to play, right?

Another full day of Christmas shopping / decorating today, and then some game time. Ah, ’tis the season.

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  1. ogrebears says:

    I had fun with shorty yesterday I was going to take him all over norrath to take picture, and make a post called My vacation with Shorty, but when i ported to mul’dul he depoped on me….

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