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I live in an apartment building, 11th floor, so I can’t have a real tree. Which is probably one of those things I miss most about living on my own and not owning a house yet. My family always gets a real tree, always have for as long as I can remember. We have our traditions as well. Christmas eve is typically quiet, but still filled with tradition. Since I was small we’d walk around the neighborhood and look at the Christmas lights, just enjoying in one another’s company. Then we’d go home and watch a Christmas special, and go to bed. At 4am or so, I’d wake up my two brothers (both younger.. I’m sure they appreciated me waking them up) and we’d find our stockings by our doors. We’d play with the contents of them until 7am, where we’d start purposely making loud noises in order to wake up my parents. We always had a rule where we had to eat breakfast before any presents, so me and my brothers would wolf down an orange or something else very small, and Dad would hand out gifts.

26 years later, not much has changed. I still go home for Christmas eve, I still wake up (though a little later, around 5) early, get my stocking, and wake up my brothers. We still have breakfast before presents. Another tradition is the advent calendars you can buy, that have a chocolate count down until Christmas. My mom bought us one of those every year that I can remember, and I still buy them even though I’m out on my own.

Anyhow.. Back to EQ2

I didn’t do too much yesterday. As I mentioned, yesterday was filled with decorating Arysh’ house. Then last night in a spasm of insomnia I decided to make some purchase’ for Shadowgeist’ house as well, and spoofed that up a little. Every ogre needs a library with a torture area, right? The guild did a quick CoA run (which is an easy zone compared to all the others) and while Arysh got very little exp (think I got 7% or so) she did make out with a new pretty shield. The templar in group got a nice bracelet, Shadowgeist got a new taunting cloak. A brigand got the monk gi for looks (the white one that gives off the bare chest appearance) and a good time was had by all.

I spent the rest of the evening crafting, and got the guild to hit 52 from doing writs and turning in a few status items. Hit 72 woodworker, next level I can make T8 arrows, which is something Goudia is always looking for more of.

5 Responses to Still Standing.. For Now

  1. Killzum says:

    Your cat Princess is so cute she should be allowed to get away with anything :) Climbing tree included , hehe.

  2. stargrace says:

    Actually, it’s a law for apartment buildings here, because they’re fire hazards ;)

  3. Lader says:

    shadow can haul the tree up 11 flights, cant he? Unless hes just WEAK!! In that case he can use the elevator. Then when christmas is over, just throw it out the window! you HAVE to have a real tree, otherwise you dont get the smell, the needles everywhere, pets drinking the water, and the rest of the greatness about christmas!

  4. stargrace says:

    There’s actually two, they’re leather, so cloth can’t wear it, but everyone else can. One is white, looks like the crafted ones, the other is pink / gold new gi graphic — the new graphic one may be from Maidens, I get them confused some times and forget where I got mine. I know there’s also a fabled one with the new graphic that people can wear.

    Tunic of Echoes is one from CoA (legendary)

  5. Tipa says:

    Gah, there’s a monk gi anyone can wear in CoA?

    Oh, I *so* want that.

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