Where to Start.. GU41, Quests, and More


Ok, where to start. First of all, a little venting. I love playing my troubador, I love playing all of my classes obviously. I’ve settled to a ‘main’. The guild needs the troubador — on raids. But not much else aside from that. Since we have a steady dirge who plays, they typically get to go along in the instance runs. Which I can understand. In fact I’d say 90% of the groups out there look for a dirge. Very rarely do I ever see anyone specifically asking for a troubador. Do people even know we exist? I know they like the dirge due to their hate transfer for the tank, but I can play a de-agro song for everyone not a fighter. I know they have their melee proc buff, but what about the troubador caster version? I know they have a dps buff, but I can buff haste! Last night was one of the rare occasions that saw me playing the troubador in a group – and I was very thankful for it let me tell you. We headed back to Chelsith to finish off our quests. The zone was stingy (and I do mean stingy) with both named and chests. We got two of the alternative named up (they’re random) which of course all dropped treasured stuff. We got two legendary out of the whole zone, and no one could use either thing that dropped, the last named dropped a 2h spear.

On the plus side, I did complete my quests for the zone, and the scale of the leviathan was one of these items. I can finally get rid of my fishbone earring! It was really time. I also did a few of the island of mara quests, old, sure, but they needed to be done. I missed out on the rest of the instance runs, but well, I was glad for the one I got to go on. I really wish guilds would make exceptions for their bards (maybe it’s just me). I play mine and I play her well (just as I’d play anything) and I understand that I’m not tanking so you can’t appreciate fancy pulls, and I’m not healing, so you can’t appreciate life saving abilities, and I’m not going to top the dps parses, so you can’t comment on that, but I am enhancing everything that the group does, rotating through jesters, making sure Bladedance is up when it’s needed, contributing with a lot of stuns (I think I’m up to 5 now) and debuffs. Bards are useful for far more then just raids. So if you’re not used to taking one along with you, try it.

In other news, GU41 goes in today. Of course, there were no in game warnings about this. I did happen to read about the four hour downtime on the network status page though ahead of time. 10am EST passed and people started grouping up, assuming that the down time had been postponed until another time. Promptly at 10:25am EST, the servers came down. Anyone who’s been playing for any length of time is now used to this happening. Upset? Naw, it happens. We expect it. Is that good? Not especially.

What am I excited about in this update? Well, first of all Frostfell is going to be implemented. Yes, I am excited! I love house items. I love decorating. And Frostfell is one of those wonderful in game events that has plenty of everything. I’m sure I’ll blog about more of the event as it goes on. A lot is the same as last year, but that’s alright, it doesn’t bother me at all.

In the notes, some quests are being changed and fixed. Mastercrafted gear is getting an update (after complaints that it was too far below treasured gear this tier). If you want a full list of what the update contains, you can find it here. Just hope you know how to read without any paragraphs in the text.

So hopefully the update goes off without a hitch. Tonight my guild is raiding MMIS, and I know a bunch of people are hoping we get Mayong down finally. We’re going in with a few new tactics, so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes. We’ve also recruited a few new people, which is always good. The drama seems to have died down some, now I just want to get to raiding!

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  1. Shadowgeist says:

    Shadowgeist, 80 SK:
    Without Troubador, with Dirge, single target raid mobs t7 – avg 1.5-2k dps. Highest parse in offensive gear/stance last ngiht was 2.3k for me.

    With Troubador – single target raid mobs, t8. avg 2.5-3k dps. Highest parse was 3.4K.

    Trust me, some of us LOVE the troubador. :)

  2. Gdub says:

    I don’t get why so many people don’t recognize what bards bring to the table. Personally, I do prefer dirge buffs over the troubs, but with my Paladin I’ve had either in my raid group, and both helped to up my dps. With my Brigand having either makes my dps ridiculous. They’re just awesome for helping out the guild, and stacked with Brig de-buffs, the mobs are getting burned down fast. The problem as you pointed out, is that because you don’t heal, you don’t tank, and you don’t register on the parse, must mean you’re not doing anything. But if the people who thought these things parsed themselves before and after, they would realize what it is that you do.

  3. stargrace says:

    It’s a charm item though, there’s not really a whole lot of selection for charm items out there aside from hex dolls which are just 16 to any one stat, which is really easy to cap.
    While it is slightly comparable to the level 32 legendary butcherblock quest reward, the 2% proc EB is nice enough.

  4. Tipa says:

    Those are pretty lousy stats for a level 80 fabled item. Aside from the waterbreathing.

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