Down goes Mayong, Vampires and All..


That’s right, for the first time, Arsenal managed to down Mayong. Now, before anyone goes and starts wondering “hey, isn’t that a T7 raid and shouldn’t you be able to 2 group it by now?!” – just because he’s green, doesn’t mean he hurts any less. Well, ok. Maybe he does hurt a little less. But I was still very proud (and excited) for the guild taking him down. On our third pull none the less. This is Arsenal’s second attempt at Mayong, they didn’t get a whole lot of pulls on him in T7 before having to call it a night.

Of course nothing dropped for the troubador, we had two dirge pieces drop, a mystic bp as well as a necromancer bp, and some other random goodies like the disease bracelet. Once we coordinated ourselves on the final fight it really did seem quite easy. His smoking body can still be seen on the floor in the screen shot. Of course, Goudia is not anywhere close to being finished SoD. Since she’s never been my main before, she’s behind in everything, and I do mean everything. Shadowgeist got his Soulfire sword though, even if it is a tier late, I’m happy. Alaena (I probably spelled that wrong, she’s a guild templar) got hers, and Kaumo (warlock) got his. I was going to box Calreth for his update since he had classes, but I found that I couldn’t properly time bladedance without lagging all over from trying to play two accounts. I didn’t want to risk my group getting eaten by some miss timed aoe, and decided that he’ll just have to come along next time maybe when he doesn’t have tests going on.

Tonight we’re doing the Protector’s Realm, which is (as rumor have it) the T8 version of Labs (but harder..) so I’m anxious to see how that goes. We did have about three groups of guild members and had a few pick ups have to come along as well. Our regular guild coercer was unable to attend, so we took along a 71, our illusionist is also MIA, so we grabbed a 72 who was decked out in adept1’s and still managed to parse higher then some of our regular dps members (he plays a conjuror main). We also grabbed a 70 bruiser from guild who’s working on having that become his ‘new main’ as he has a swashbuckler that we already have one of. We grabbed a 75 warden, a 75 dirge, and a 70 dirge. In fact we had four bards, and I was the only troubador. Dirge is always flavour of the month on AB with troubadors a close second from time to time when everyone starts complaining about there being a lack of them (for raids only of course).

I’ve been crafting like a mad person since Frostfell came out, and I’ve also been doing the quests offered on the thundering stepps docks for house items (dishes, specifically). I collected 100 food items for both Thundering stepps and Everfrost, and was rewarded with a nice plate, and a mug. Of course now I have the concern that everyone is just going to be eager to step on one anothers toes and harvest every shrub they can find — but leave everything else up. Especially wood nodes, I see more wood nodes around then anything lately. I know this was to discourage “Cherry Pickers” (People who only harvest one of any sort of node and leave all the others up) and to try to get rid of the surplus of ‘useless’ bushes. A great idea in theory, just depends on how many people are going to be after these dishes. They’re not lore, you can sell them on broker, and you get 2% (well, I was) tradeskill exp for completing the repeatable quests. Not sure if those will be changing over time.

I love the new Frostfell items, since Goudia is still fairly new she’s got her wreath and tree now, as well as some plushie snowmen, the carol greeting cards are amazing and a nice touch, as well as the new plates of cookies and the hot chocolate mugs. The hanging lanterns give homes a warm fuzzy feeling and the outfits of course are fun as well.

So much going on and only so much time to do it all in. I’m torn between working on Claymore / SoD (is there really any point to working those now or are they going to become extinct like the previous quests such as Godking and Prismatic 1.0?). I’m also cranky because I really wish bards (at least troubadors) could choose the mage staff as a reward for SoD as opposed to the dagger. I parsed on average 1,000-1,3000 DPS (on fights where I wasn’t constantly staying out of range to ensure the survivability of my group, after all a dead bard is a useless bard) and I want to see that rise. I need proc gear in order to do that though. Not bad I suppose for a troubador who doesn’t have a single piece of fabled gear (except for that charm item, and does it count?) yet. We’ll see how things go!

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  1. Eremon says:

    Just stumbled across your nlog doing a google search, nicely written. I found it very interestign how close our two guilds seem to be as far as progress. We are still trying to down Mayong and discovered a few more levels was not the easy fix to this guy. We seem to really struggle with him even though the rest of the zone we usually do with very minimal deaths and pretty good speed.

    Tonight we go into Thuuga for the first time, wish us luck.

    P.S. Any advice on Mayong via email would be very cool, would so appreciate it.

  2. Borgio says:

    Awesome!! Huge Congratulation on killing Mayong! Ive only managed one trip into MMIS and we didnt get as far as him but one day I aspire to see him also dead at my feet.

    T7 raids are still a challenge at T8, at least until everyone is 80 and Mastered out of course! Good luck with your next raid!

  3. Lader says:

    you cnat get any masters over 70 in any eof or kos zone. I dont think you can in shard of fear either, but thats a unique situation since it is a t8 intended instance.

  4. stargrace says:

    Still can’t have my spot. -.-

  5. Soneone says:

    I am going to defect to a Troub eventually, but it is tough as you said to get groups and solo as a Troub. My Dirge to be a Troub is lvl 57 … my Dirge is lvl 40

  6. stargrace says:

    We haven’t found any T8 masters there, only T7, so I’m not so sure about that. No way are you taking any of my group spots with your dirge, we have enough dirges already! I want more room for the troubador.

  7. Someone says:

    Grats on downing MM. Tough in t-7 and still tough in T-8. You can also pick up T-8 masters from that zone which is nice in itself…. I do not understand you crafter types… I get bored too easy and will only craft if I am chatting and get bored of watching the wall for strange movements……

    Troubs are tougher to level and more groups use melee in crawls, so Dirges are alot more common. Help me get mine to 80 and I will take your place if you want!! =p

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