Anyone want some Snow?


My folks have no power right now in the country (thank goodness they do have a gas fireplace, so they can run that without electricity) up here in the city it’s deathly quiet, people are asked to avoid the streets at all costs. For a day that would typically be a bustling Sunday filled with shopping, we’re all tucked (safely) at home. Ottawa is seeing one of the worst snow storms in 20 years, and we already had plenty of snow on the ground to begin with.

That car is parked on my street, well, there’s a street there some place though it’s hard to make it out. The snow isn’t supposed to stop until later on tonight, so I hope that person remembered where they parked!

Typically, from this view, I can see the Ottawa River, and a huge shopping mall and a fairly good distance away. However with all the snow falling I’m lucky that I can see the giant field right across the street from my building.

I live in Canada, and yes, I’m used to snow. We get it every year of course. However, this year has been one of the more.. interesting.. as far as accumulations go. I’m not going to say I’m sick of it, quite yet, but if anyone wants to come and take some of the snow? Please, feel free.

4 Responses to Anyone want some Snow?

  1. darrenl says:

    I can confirm that Ottawa has a crap load of snow :)

  2. Mythokia says:

    That view is so lovely! It’s just constantly raining here, coupled together with an extremely high humidity, not very pleasant at all. The little park or garden near my apartment turned into a swampland. Gotta grab myself some snow from your place!

  3. Borgio says:

    Wow, thats some serious snowage right there. As I said in the bloggers channel you can send some to England! We get a good slush but not a good snow (thankyou Mr Evans for that one)

    Hope it doesnt get too bad! (btw I swapped to Profit now ;) )

  4. wargoo says:

    that car is so afk. :)

    i don’t mind the snow, as long as i have gas/power. we just had an ice storm in iowa a week ago and about 70,000 people were w/o power for awhile. that would suck.

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