Making Spider Soup out of Thuuga


Wow what a weekend. After our success with Mayong, and Protector’s Realm, we were excited about attempting Thuuga again. Remember, we’ve attempted it twice before without luck. This time around, we did one single thing differently, and the results were amazing. We managed to get the mob to 5% our second try using the new method, and then we downed her the third.

Congratulations to Calreth who got a server discovery on the Spider Queen’s one looted item (which wasn’t an amazing drop, but hey, it’s better then nothing). The guild was happy, that’s at least one T8 raid zone cleared. I switched mains from Goudia to Arysh after talking to the guild leader, though I agreed to box to every raid where we needed the troubador, until we found one. I probably shouldn’t have done that, as boxing is quite stressful on me. Not only because I am a main tank healer on Arysh, but because I still care about things that a troubador should care about when they’re playing, such as running perfection of the maestro and jesters at specific times. The necromancer who lifeburns for example, sends both Arysh and Goudia a tell, so that I can jesters them before hand. Arysh was 2nd zone wide for heals on Thuuga again, which is nice considering there’s not AoE’s to worry about and no encounters hitting us until spiders run ramped.

Afterwards we decided since we’d finished so early we’d head to Freethinkers Hideout, along the way discovering that Pumpkin Headed Horseman was up. We gave him one attempt, having never ever pulled him before, and managed to get him to 45% before things went badly. We didn’t want to waste any more time on him or end the night on a sour note, so we headed to Freethinkers where we absolutely destroyed the majority of the zone before the mobs realized we’d zoned in I’m fairly sure.

We didn’t need so many healers for this zone, and so I left Arysh behind and just played Goudia. I was slightly reluctant to do so because that means there’s 0 possibility of her class loot dropping, since she’s the only warden, and some of that stuff is still an upgrade. However, it is just T7, so I figured why not. Low and behold, the troubador got her first piece of T7 set gear ever. I’ve raided plenty of T7 before in the past, and never ever have I won a piece of set gear for any of my characters, so this was my first one. Unfortunately they were not an upgrade, as I’m wearing some legendary T8 gloves that are better. I’ll hang onto them though so that they don’t drop the next raid.

Aside from the raids, Arysh (along with Shadowgeist) also finished her fabled quest for the Thuuga item that was added to Kylong plains. We were both lucky yesterday morning and the two named (who apparently have long timers) were already up. The item was a fairly significant upgrade with 275 power on the ring I choose once I’d adorned it as well as +75 to heals. Arysh also hit level 78, one more and she gets to wear quite a few new pretties that I’ve had stashed away for her. Two more and I can stop worrying about all this debt she keeps getting every time we raid.

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  1. Ogrebears says:

    Grats you guys. I can’t wait to start RoK Raids

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