Giving Vanguard another Try?

Is anyone else trying out Vanguard since they’ve re-opened accounts from December 18th to January 3rd? At least that’s what I’ve heard . I’m reinstalling as we speak. I always did love the look of the game, and the classes, I just couldn’t handle the bugs. So I figure I’ll give it a whirl. If anyone else is going to give this a shot, let me know so I can move servers! I’ll be on idea. Some server!

** As of 12:30 EST so far the ‘free activation’ isn’t working or implemented or whatever. If anyone has more details let me know! Oh, and EQ2 world wide channels are borked. Woot. A guildie mentioned that SoE is trying an “Anti-Fun” tactic. It seems to be working.

*** As of 4:06pm EST I found this thread with some issues that are going on activating people and their accounts. Remember you have to have been canceled for three months for this to work. The problem is, yes, I’ve been canceled for more then three months — but I can’t post on their forums asking what’s going on without an active subscription… anyone else manage to get in?

**** I need to read better. As of 4:15pm EST, I found this thread in the newbie forums (where you don’t need a subscription to post) saying that it’s been delayed until Thursday. Oh wells.

…. Ok… 4:29 EST and this quote which is COMPLETELY different then the quote someone else got.

I’ve just used the Live Chat feature to try and get clarification on this and was told something different SMILEY . Make of it what you will.

TSR Robin C.:Hi, my name is TSR Robin C.. One moment please, while I read your question.
TSR Robin C.: Please give me the station name.
You: xxxxxxxxxxxx
TSR Robin C.: I am escalating your issue to Tier 2 TSR to grant you the day on the account.
TSR Robin C.: You will be able to login with in 3 to 4 hours.
TSR Robin C.: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
You: um ok. so i’ll get the 3 weeks free trial?
TSR Robin C.: You will be able to play till January 3rd.
You: ok that’s great. thanks for your help.

5 Responses to Giving Vanguard another Try?

  1. Cheston says:

    Oh what a run around! That really stinks that you had to go through all of that. I really appreciate the post as I just got home and was about to reinstall.

  2. MrrX says:

    Ah, apparently if you don’t have a DVD (like me) the installation instructions are right in the support section. I logged in and they’re right on the top.

  3. MrrX says:

    Keep us posted. Free play always sounds good :) .

  4. Tipa says:

    I only played it in Beta and never played it live. Trying Vanguard has been on my “to do” list for a long time. Maybe I’ll be able to take a breather once I get everyone up to 80 and look seriously at some of the other MMOs.

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