Leveling Away


Ishbel had fun running around New Tunaria yesterday, with a charmed vampire at her side. I had to let so many pages for the clock of flames rot that it was just getting to an amusing point. Two of them even dropped in one chest. She hit level 68 when all was said and done, and got a whole slew of aa. I moved her to Kylong Plains at level 66 and had her get the sokokar quest (thanks to Shadowgeist for helping me finish that off) and then headed to Teren’s Grasp to complete the few chains there. I love playing the coercer, a lot of fun and a huge change from playing the illusionist.

The warden is sitting at about 50% into her level, and I’m hoping to get 79 tonight so that she can finally wear all the gear I’ve got stored up. Then just one more and she can wear the weapon from Maidens. I also need to make some more coin on her as she’s out of fire emeralds and needs 8 more. Ugh. The price on those has gone way up now that they’ve nerfed the stealth suit from the drachnid caves.

There’s talk of the newest Kylong Plains fabled item getting nerfed after Christmas as well, which I just find amusing. Why would you nerf an item that you JUST put out there a week ago, and wait another two weeks before you do. Yes, the quest is quite easy and doesn’t exactly warrant a fabled reward, but why not change and fix these things before they enter the game, so late into the expansion. Going to be lots of disappointed people out there. The mage item needs to be fixed as well, as there are two rewards with +75 heal and the +spell crit chance / int item should have +75 spell dmg.

Other then that, not much is going on. Leveling and exploring, the guild’s gotten another influx of new members. Seems that as soon as it was recognized we could actually down T8 encounters there’s been a steady flow of recruits. Not exactly complaining, but I never wanted to be a huge guild. We’ll just have to see how it goes!

Nice to see Kilanna back from her trip as well, I’ve missed talking to the girlie!

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