Screen Shot Issue?

Wondering if anyone else playing Vanguard is having an issue with their screen shots. I’ve taken quite a few now, but only have a handful of them actually saving as screen shots it seems.. I know for sure I took at least 10 this morning, and yet when I look in the folder, only two are there….. anyone else experiencing this? It’s annoying.


Wandering around Telon – Day2


Adventures through Telon – Day3



    It doesn’t cost money if you just take screen shots or short videos, but I ended up paying for it anyway. Software this handy should be supported.

    My screenshots are gorgeous now, and it always places them in the same spot, and Picasa (the free software I use to crop and adjust screenshots) finds them every time. Plus, you get the Frames Per Second (FPS) display that is invaluable for tuning your graphics settings. I can’t live without it, ESPECIALLY with Vista screwing things up.

  2. stargrace

    Still not working proper for me. Some times it works, some times it doesn’t. Seems when I have my UI showing, it doesn’t want to work. Even though I get the “you’ve taken a screenshot” message. Maybe tomorrow’s 4 hour patch will fix it..

  3. I only took a few, but I couldn’t get them to be bound to the printscreen key. Num- works. I found that I had to make sure I got the message “You have taken a screenshot” and it didn’t always appear, even though I thought I hit the button.

  4. stargrace

    I don’t use Vista (shudders)
    Fraps eh? Hrms details please? I think I dloaded that once and then due to having to pay for it or something I stopped. Where can I find it again? How do the screen shots work? Details girlie details! LoL.

  5. Use Fraps!!!

    And if you use Vista, well, it has weird ideas about where things go. Vista was the #1 reason I started using Fraps for screen shots.

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