Questing in Telon – Day4


A friend of mine from EQ2 decided to give Telon another whirl with me, playing a disciple. They started out at level 5 while I was level 9, and I suggested forming a brotherhood so that we didn’t out level one another (as I have far more time to play then the average person). In the brotherhood however I was sucking up a lot of their exp (which is the whole point of it) so we dropped it for now to resume it another time. We leveled easily for two or three hours, doing random quests all around the Tanvu area, and found ourselves sitting at level 11 before too long, with little effort.

Since I’ve done all of the quests before (quite a few times) there was nothing surprising about them – but that’s how I enjoy the 1-10 grind, not having to spend hours and hours searching for everything. There’s plenty of time for that later.

Again the quality of the game play has shot up 10x since beta (if not more) and I’m sitting constantly from 20-60 FPS which is a huge improvement. I’m sure that with a better computer I’d see an upgrade in quality as well.

Satia (the 23 blood mage) managed to ding level 12 tailor – that’s right, at level 10 I noticed there were a handful of new recipes, but that she could not scribe them. They required doing a quest at level 11 (why level 10 recipes are out of reach until you hit level 11 I’ve no idea, that’s just the way it works) so at level 11 I went off to Martok and learned how to be a tailor. Created four items fairly painlessly (quests asked for C quality at least, which is not too hard) and then I settled into grinding some gear for my new psi. Her name is Faralithe, and it was nice to make her an entire set of gear with little trouble. Granted, I also got very little exp for making the grade A gear because it’s so far below my levels. One thing I dislike with crafting in Vanguard (and there is very little I dislike) is that you can’t tell when a recipe has turned grey to you, you basically have to remember when you got the recipe, and guess.

Bags still give me experience, and I made Faralithe a bunch of those as well. Even managed to get 100% pristine on two, thus making 16 slot grade A bags instead of 14 slot grade A bags. As far as I know bags are the only thing that work this way (but I could be wrong, remember, still new to the whole crafting bit).

Popped into EQ2 for a few minutes to check broker and banks, saw some guild drama going on, and decided to call it for now. Still having much fun in Telon (hey, it’s still free) even if I’m just enjoying it because it’s all new and fresh, hey, if it keeps me playing, what’s it matter.

A huge Happy Holidays to everyone out there as well, I’ve got a Christmas / Birthday dinner tonight, then two days of freedom before I head to my parents place boxing day to spend a few days there. Lots of family coming down, so even though we’re technically celebrating Christmas a day late, I’m excited. I hope everyone has a fantastic time, and be safe.

3 Responses to Questing in Telon – Day4

  1. João Carlos says:


    They will have free trial for Vanguard when the starting island get ready. Sadly, the starting island will end the diferent races newbie areas, that I think is wrong, that give diversity to the game.

    Wait more some months, the starting isle will be free trial.

  2. Someone says:

    With a top notch system, the game sounds like it would be wonderful. With the speed that computers are evolving, Vangaurd could become a great game…

  3. Ogrebears says:

    with all these vanguard post i want to go try vanguard…. Someone tell SoE i want a free trial 8->

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